The Russia-Ukraine war has escalated tensions between China and the United States. Beijing responds to warnings: “Sanctions? Strong response if we are attacked”

If China Did not respect the restrictions imposed United States “One will pay More expensive“. If United States We will give a firm answer to “harm to our rights and legitimate interests” Decided“The new front of the war unleashed by Vladimir Putin With the invasion of Ukraine Voltage Increase between Washington And Beijing. The increase started this week after that Joe பிடன் Allowed Moscow by blocking imports Petroleum And Gas From Russia. The New York Times Accused the Chinese government of knowing Russian projects Against Kiev and the Foreign Ministry spokesman responded: “It simply came to our notice then Was born Guided United States They were gradually pushed upwards Conflict.

Conflict, now only dialectical, however, focuses on everything Obstacles. The United States fears that Chinese companies in particular will supply Moscow Equipment And American software They need to create their own products. The Biden administration is threatening to “close” it Smick, A Chinese microchip company or Dragon company that violates US restrictions on supplying microprocessors and other advanced technologies to Moscow. Secretary of Commerce, Washington, Gina RaymondoHe reiterated in an interview with New York Times And then The Cnn If China does not respect US sanctions on exports to Russia like other countries Will pay a higher price“.

Raymondo warned Beijing that the Biden administration was “ready to block China from acquiring US or European equipment and software for production.” Semiconductors“.”We will pursue any company, Wherever it is in China or elsewhere, it violates the rules, ”he said. “So we expect Beijing not to break the rules There will be consequencesSaid the Secretary of Commerce. Words that responded harshly again Zhao LegionForeign Ministry spokesman: When managing relations with Russia, he warned, “The United States should not impose. Called barriers And jurisdiction a Long distance As for Chinese companies and individuals, they should not Damage China’s legitimate rights and interests, otherwise China will pay A definite and decisive answer“. That a demonstration Voltage Between Beijing And Washington It comes down to security levels.

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Meanwhile, China continues to propose itself Mediators. Beijing “welcomes everyone Diplomatic efforts Including a meeting dedicated to peace between Russia and Ukraine Turkey To the three Foreign Ministers of Turkey, Russia and Ukraine ”: Zhao Legian always said in his daily conference. “This is a meeting of foreign ministers Very high The situation so far between Russia and Ukraine during the conflict. There We like All interested parties can find themselves halfway through and participate Serious negotiations And make positive efforts to resolve Quiet Crisis in the principle of mutual respect, ”Zhao concluded.

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