The student was killed by a crowd of colleagues

Scored first Kicking, trampling, throwing from the balcony, Then peel and wash Bleach To hide traces of murder. This is what four boys did to a 24-year-old man Bill Henham Killed during a New Year’s Eve party Brighton In the UK. Dushen Maikley, 28, Gregory Hawley, 29, Lamech Gordon-Curve, 20, and Alice Spence, 19, are now serving life sentences for one murder. They all denied killing Bill.

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Some residents found Bill’s body on January 2, 2020. The autopsy then sparked a murder investigation. Tests showed that the boy had already been unconscious and had suffered multiple injuries, including hemorrhage in the brain, eleven rib fractures, and severe cuts and bruises on the scalp, face and neck. Sussex and Surrey Major Crime Squad investigators looted the building, seized hundreds of artifacts and watched several hours of surveillance camera footage. Thus it was possible to identify the Witnesses and the participants of the New Year’s Eve party.

According to the restructuring, Bill, a student at Ravensbourne University in London, spent Christmas with his family in Henfield, but wanted to celebrate the New Year in Brighton with his father on the evening of December 31st. Pictures of the area showed Bill exiting an underwater nightclub. He was last seen at 4:30 a.m. in front of a store near the building where he lay dead. Investigators called it a “prolonged and significant attack” that killed Bill shortly after arriving at the party. The killers washed the victim’s body and tried to destroy traces of blood in several places in the building. Sign of a 24-year-old man being beaten repeatedly and dragged to a balcony.

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Police, published by The Sun, found 4 men and a minor arrested based on the evidence. Howley, one of the adults, allegedly mocked the attack and admitted to removing Bill’s body and pouring it in bleach before he was thrown from the balcony. Michael, on the other hand, had two photos (later deleted) of Bill’s body on his cell phone. The suspects were later released, allowing investigators to find more evidence. It was like that. After a 16-month investigation, three of the four men and now an 18-year-old man have been charged with the brutal murder of Bill Henham last summer. It is not yet clear why the young student was murdered.

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