The war in Ukraine, the “first stage” for Russia? Putin’s plan failed, and now what’s happening

Why the Kremlin uses missiles, Moscow generals have less time, ammunition and manpower: the risk of bloody conflict

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According to many Companies Off Analyzes And The audienceThe War Inside Ukraine It may have entered a new phase. This will be a phase StoreIt would be worrying as it promises a lot Bleeding.

Here is a collection of many views that everyone agrees on with the immediacy of one New Phase.

Putin’s use of missiles, the supply chain to maintain current levels indefinitely

The Washington-based US War Research Agency will try Russian forces To integrate The Control Of Territory They are currently occupied, by the way Ingredients And generally by creating conditions to maintain these conditions for a short period of time. “Indefinite“.

The United Kingdom Security Intelligence Agency insisted instead Appeal To Missiles Long distance by the Russians. According to analysts, this will be a setback for the difficulties encountered in the advancement of ground forces. Target military and civilian infrastructureAnd so on To break The Spirit Population with continuous attacks.

Putin’s failure of Blitzkrieg, the time of the Kremlin generals, is gone without ammunition and manpower.

One of Russia’s plans includes War LightningThe SocketInstant, like cities Kharkiv, Kiev, Odessa, None of these are currently in the hands of the Russians. Its purpose would have been to overthrow and replace the current anti-Russian government ZhelenskyLeaders loyal to Moscow.

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Photo source: ANSA

Satellite images of the bombed Mariupol Theater.

The ProjectLess than a month before the invasion, it is clear Failure And commanders Putin “They finish TimeThe Ammunition And this LaborAccording to Ben Hodges, former US military commander in Europe.

The Risk of a Bloody Blockade: Examples of Verton and Somme as World War I.

The problem is that the Kremlin must exit without prejudice to the dictator’s intentions Successful From this war, and the mind of the besieged people To resistA silence seems beyond question: therefore the wrath of the gods is to be expected Fight And Shedding Off BloodAssumptions such as the worst wars in history, such as Verton or Som (First World War), were very costly in terms of human lives.

Nuclear power plants in Ukraine, how many, where.  New Chernobyl risks war with Russia

Photo source: ANSA

Nuclear power plants in Ukraine, how many, where. New Chernobyl risks war with Russia

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