There is a dispute over Putin’s desk

In the complex discussions on the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, a new element was recently added, which is far less likely than a military invasion: the long oval table at which Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomes French President Emmanuel Macron, first, and then German Chancellor Olaf Scholes. As to why such a long table was chosen, they were done Different hypotheses (Often maintaining physical distance) and the large distance between the narrators has been teased in various ways. Parodies And Memory On social networks.

These days, however, there is another interesting story about it: there are two companies that claim to have made it, one Italian and one Spanish.

The table is located in one of the buildings of the Kremlin, the complex of government buildings in Moscow, where the official residence of the President is located, and is the third most noticeable element.Putin and Macron meet Monday 7th February and the following one with Scholz, last Tuesday. Spanish newspaper L Confidential He described it “An affair about six meters long, a white maroon peach tree adorned with golden leaves”.

In various Italian and international media including Reuters, A lot was talked about The table is made by Oak of Condo in Lombardy and is managed by entrepreneur Renato Bologna. In Spain, however, the patriarchal craftsman of furniture, Vicente Zaragoza, owned the company of the same name outside of Valencia, and proudly told the local media the story of the table he claimed to have produced.

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Bologna, Interviewed Courier della seraHe described the table as one of the pieces of furniture commissioned by Russia to house one of the Kremlin’s buildings between 1995 and 1997, which he described as “the building behind Lenin’s tomb.” His company was commissioned to decorate the entire building of “7 thousand square meters on two floors”, which includes “furniture, floors, pottery, all lighting fixtures, fireplaces, plaster ceilings, marble coatings on the walls” and more. On; Oak was involved in the manufacture of furniture and instead subcontracted other work to different companies, Bologna says.

According to Bologna, the value of this order may be in the billions: a few years ago the contract was closed, and his company received another request through the Russian embassy in Milan to provide an apartment in the Kremlin. .

Zaragoza, on the other hand He said To the news site News He immediately identified his schedule by looking in newspapers and magazines, and says it was one of the furniture he made for the Kremlin in 2010. “It’s an honor, but it’s a huge responsibility, you can not go wrong, you must strictly follow the instructions given,” Zaragoza said.

Contracts with Valencian to manufacture furniture for the Russian Presidential Palace and other government offices L ConfidentialThe decision was made in 2005 when Russian delegates visited the Valencia Furniture Exhibition, one of the most important in Europe, along with the Milan Furniture Exhibition. Both the Italian and Spanish company did various jobs for Russia. Oak provided residences for sheikhs and royal families in the Arab world, but historic castles, mostly overseas, Vicente Zaragozá also served for kings, sultans and heads of state around the world.

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Heard from DefenderBologna said to herself Surprised From the claims of the Spanish company. Photographs of the table, made between 1995 and 1996, are found in various books, mostly in Russian, officially published in 2000, and contain all the credentials of the company: “Perhaps the Spanish guy made a copy, it ended up somewhere else, who knows.” For his part, a Speaking on the issue on a Spanish TV show, Zaragoza said that he did not even have the most beautiful table he had created: “I have other great ones”.

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