There is no exchange between Azov and the oligarchy. Thanks to Zelensky Draghi

Prisoner exchange and resumption of negotiations. If there is a path of negotiation from Ebilok to the history of the Azovstal steel plant Ukraine And Russia? Could one of the bloody and most dramatic sides of this conflict be before the conversation resumes? Some of yesterday’s symptoms seemed to say otherwise. The Russians, without much imagination, accelerated the campaign and spread the images. Azov soldiersAfter surrendering, some of them march half-naked to get tattoos with Nazi symbols.

Denis Bushlin, the leader of the pro-Russian Donetsk separatists, threatened: “The trial of Ukrainian Azovstal militants is inevitable in the Russian courts, because the citizens are asking for it.” The Duma, the parliament of the federation, called for them to be considered terrorists and the Azov generals were also brought into the city under Russian control. Thus ships the hypothesis of the exchange of prisoners that was the basis of the treaty relating to the surrender of the last fighters to Mariupol. Concerned, Zhelensky also said: “Negotiations will resume only if the Russians save the lives of Mariupol’s bodyguards. Without the exchange of prisoners, there will be no talks.”


Still, the wind changed within hours of the respective propaganda being released. For example, Moscow began to talk about negotiations on the fate of the Azovs. Russian negotiator Leonid Slutsky, who is leading the Duma’s foreign delegation, told a news conference in Donetsk: “An exchange with Victor Medvedev is possible.” This is the pro-Russian Ukrainian oligarch who was arrested a month ago by the Ukrainian secret services. Slutsky tried to slow down the telegram, describing it as “a quote from the context”. “However – decisions will be made in the appropriate forums by those with talent,” he added.

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According to Russian data, the stock may have been magnified to increase, but more than 2,400 soldiers were imprisoned in Mariupol to justify why they could not enter the steel mills for 86 days. Under what terms can the exchange take place? Will the Azov leaders, beginning with General Denis Prokopenko, be involved? To date there are no defined terms, but it is clear that one of these cases is not worthwhile. Medvetsuk, Putin’s friend of the oligarchy, is not the equivalent of a Mariupolin soldier; And as for Prokopenko, the Russians would not be satisfied with a soldier. In the evening, Zhelensky also used the phrase “to negotiate with Russia”: “Negotiations with Russia are possible because the conditions are set and the lives of Mariupol’s bodyguards are protected.”

The framework of a ceasefire agreement – formed before the intervention of shopkeepers – also provides a guarantee system for countries protecting the security of Ukraine. However, Zhelensky noted: “We are considering a circle of trusted allies who guarantee our security. We are working with them to develop this plan (peace agreement). One of our favorites, one of our dislikes. As Ukrainians, we Europeans are very skeptical. We want an international agreement approved by the parliaments of the guaranteeing countries, but without Russia, Pucha has changed some things, time is changing things.

Zelensky stressed the need to quickly recognize Ukraine as a candidate country to join the EU. In a nutshell: The ceasefire order sent by Kiev last Friday to the last remaining soldiers in the Azovstel helped enforce a treaty due to mediation by other countries, according to which the Russians guaranteed the protection of military personnel. Surrendered. Transfer of Azov to Ukraine (or deportation to a third country) for transfer of prisoners. Once this thorny journey is over, negotiations can resume. However, it is difficult to predict whether Putin will agree to drop Donbass after taking Mariupol. “But 700,000 soldiers are defending Ukraine,” Zhelensky recalled, adding that even the Russians needed to find a way. Menduza, an online newspaper, interviewed Rusian Leviev, founder in Russia of the Cit Group of intelligence journalists.

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Leviv explains: “Demonstration trials of Azov prisoners and Ukrainian sailors in Azovstal will now take place, but” in about a month and a half or two, the Ukrainian side will launch a large-scale offensive – offensive. ” The Russians, Lviv argues, are increasing the percentage of those who refuse to go to Ukraine and fight. If this scenario is true, it would be good to sit at the negotiating table in Moscow as well. What remains is a gift made by bombing, fighting, destruction, injuring and killing people. Daily. In the last few hours (Ukrainian source) Russian bombs have killed 13 people in Lukansk. Twenty people were injured in the Izyum near Kharkiv. A missile strike in Odessa has damaged an industrial complex. Most commonly, fights in the Donbass continue uninterrupted.

Images of civilians being evacuated from the Aswostal steel plant in Mariupol


In the diplomatic front, Moscow has released a new list of 963 Americans banned from traveling to Russia. They range from Biden to Morgan Freeman, from Kamala Harris to CIA President William Burns, from Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s father) to former presidential candidate John McCain (but since he died in 2018 he is unlikely to try to move to Moscow). Trump is not on the list. The key developments in the integration of Sweden and Finland into NATO were the new developments yesterday. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a telephone call with Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson, reiterated his concerns about the activities of the PKK, YPG and Feto terrorist groups in Sweden: a candidate country should suspend NATO’s financial, political and military support for these groups. Later, Erdogan explained to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg: “Turkey will not take a positive stance on the annexation of Sweden and Finland until these two countries show solidarity.”

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