They play with fire

The United States will intervene militarily if China tries to take over Taiwan By force: President Joe Biden It was dry and straightforward, adding to the fact that Beijing was “playing with fire” by approaching Ukraine. From Tokyo, during a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Biden’s words came as a sudden shift in relations with Taipei, much to the surprise of close White House advisers. In light of US concerns about Ukraine, Biden was asked about US readiness for military intervention against Chinese military efforts to control Taipei. “Yes, this is the pledge we have made. The President replied that we agree with the policy of UNICA China.”

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The Chinese reaction was as angry as expected. “No one should underestimate the determination, determination and strong will of the Chinese people in defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenpin said in a statement. In a night note, the federal government’s Taiwan affairs office warns that the United States is playing with fire by using the “Taiwan card” to control China, “it will be burned”. The White House sought to downplay the serious Sino-US tensions and an official said the official position had not changed: “Our commitment under the Taiwan Relations Act is to provide Taiwan with military avenues to defend itself. Maintains “strategic ambiguity” after Washington transferred diplomatic recognition to Beijing in 1979, deregulating US relations.-Taiwan.

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Its purpose is to prevent China from invading Taiwan, but to prevent the island from seeking independence: US intervention to defend the island cannot be determined by either side. As for Unica China, Washington acknowledges Taiwan’s part of China, but Beijing’s intentions on the Democratic island of 23 million people have not been formalized, which should be reunited after 2049. According to the plans of Xi Jinping, the People’s Republic was established. For the third time in a year, Biden has made it clear that the United States will defend Taiwan (later corrected by his staff), but “Beijing already” foretells US intervention: neither Kefis nor Biden’s statements confirm this. , ”Said Derek Grossman, an Indo-Pacific analyst at RandCorporation Think Tank on Twitter.


The tone of the press conference was very clear. Kishida, speaking from the Taiwan Strait, spoke of clear opposition to changing the situation by force, announcing naval operations in Beijing and joint Japanese-US surveillance of Russian-Chinese maneuvers to “control the possibility of unilateral military action. After doing so, he launched the New Economic Commission for the Indo-Pacific in Tokyo with anti-Chinese activity, starting with 13 countries accounting for 40% of world GDP and nearly 40% of the population: 3 billion people: US, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand , Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, New Zealand and Brunei. Completes at. The reason for Beijing is warning.

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