This has never happened before, the maximum warning in Europe

France has launched three of its four nuclear submarines – something that has never happened before

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There France He kept three-fourths of his movement Nuclear submarines, Snle-Ng (Sous-Marins Lanceurs d’Engins – Nouvelle Génération). InsideOver, a newspaper specializing in foreign news, reports this. Elysée’s action testifies to the fact that the nuclear warning has reached its peak in Europe, and appears to be a kind of response to another warning on Moscow’s nuclear deterrent systems.

Kremlin, from 48 hoursInvasion of Ukraine, Announced its nuclear safety warnings. Now France has its muscles flexed. And the truth is a bit unusual: in recent years researchers have found that there is no precedent for making such a decision.Elisa.

France has four submarines capable of carrying Nuclear weapons. Until now, at least two of them have stayed in military ports. Having three submarines at sea at the same time never happened.

The Le Télégramme newspaper for restructuring the operation of nuclear submarines underlined that the French warning was nothing more than a reflection of the ruling tensions across the country. Old World.

How French nuclear submarines move

Until March 1, France was at sea, more precisely in the Atlantic, the only submarine equipped with nuclear weapons. A situation that experts consider normal. Paris is usually always one Snle-Ng. So there is no specific situation; Now the circumstances are very different.

Transulfine researchers explain that the Elysee move is aimed at creating safety and effect. Prevention: Submarines are always operational in areas where nuclear submarines attack the port where they are stationed in the event of an attack on French territory.

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France moves three nuclear submarines into the sea.Photo source: ANSA

French President Emanuel Macron tops the list

Currently there is only one Snle-Ng Anchored in the harbor, a scene that never happened before. That means the French Armed Forces and the Anti-Nuclear Forces are on high alert.

This is because the movements of nuclear submarines are not reported by Elysee

The movements of the submarines have not been officially released by the French government. Neither the Elysee nor any corporate site of the Ministry of Defense reported news related to the movement of nuclear vehicles. Also, you will not see any ads Maximum alert level.

In this case, always explain to those who follow closely the dynamics of the leaders of Paris, everything in the norm. In such transactions, secrecy is the key word. Elise, on the other hand, did not view the revelation of news on the issue with annoyance; Useful information to show your “muscles”.

But who exactly delivers the news related to the SNLE movements? Mostly they are local sites and newspapers. The telegram It was the first site to record the departure of a third French submarine.

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