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From Massimo Sideri

English explorer Endeavor’s ship (probably) is located in the depths of Rhode Island, but US experts have raised doubts.

There are two cooks in the study history. And it is difficult to say which is more important: The First James Cook, English researcher of the eighteenth century, With it Try your cruise He revealed Australia’s Pacific secrets and drew the first map of New Zealand. The second state, Frederick Cook, an American who lived in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, acknowledged considerably (late) the truth of the kindness of history to him. He first arrived at the North Pole on April 21, 1908. Now a wreck under the sea in front of Newport near Rhode Island in the United States has been approved after 22 years of archeological excavations: HMS Endeavor, James Cook’s ship. Australians of the Australian National Maritime Museum Although the British have long made Australia a penal colony, for obvious reasons, they feel very close to Cook. It is a legendary ship like the HMS Beagle that sailed Charles Darwin. Or Ernest Shackleton’s endurance that miraculously saved all of his crew from being forced to live three years in Polo.

But not everyone agrees: U.S. experts from Rhode Island raised suspicions and expressed dissatisfaction. And there is a reason: many historians already suspect that the ship used by Cook between 1768 and 1779 was sunk directly in Newport by the British during the American Revolution. There are many ancient ruins in the area. The suspect already had a name: RI 2394. So the Americans in Newport were disappointed to find an inch of their nose: Endeavor was also the name of a space shuttle spacecraft It’s been a part of American history since Cook came to Hawaii.

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But starting from the structural analysis of these distortions Australian experts confirm: It all fits. We have plans for more effort. And Cook left his famous diaries (not really unreadable, nor because of Shackleton’s inexperience: they were record books, not novels).

The first detective story about the studies is definitely not: The alleged mystery is about the remains of Christopher Columbus According to the Dominican Republic, the first governor, one of Columbus’ sons, will be in place. In fact, historical documents go back to the tomb of Genoese Navigator we know: in Seville. But the second cook is also yellow: He has long been hailed as the first man in the North Pole Arriving in April 1909, he hastened to announce it New York Times (When Cook returns quietly). On the other hand, that news pushed Norway Roald Amundsen first arrived at the South Pole on December 14, 1911. Norwegians do not want to take any risks: his ship Fram has a museum dedicated to Oslo.

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