Those who can now flee Moscow “The future scares us” –

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Tickets, cars and SUVs for trains to Helsinki line up at the crossroads with Finland. Among the bourgeois and cosmopolitan elites there are those who want to leave the country, and explain: “Russia? The outside world is so important.”

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Moscow – Where does this Alegro train depart from? Night conversation at a hotel bar in the center of the capital. Andre & Gira, husband and wife, both graduates, both work well in a foreign multinational company specializing in visa and technical research. On the second floor, their only daughter, Datjana, 11, is sleeping. He has tickets and travel plans on hand. They come from the village of Rubiliovka in the northwestern suburbs of Moscow, whose name is synonymous with luxury villas and luxury condominiums inhabited by “Westerners”, travelers, workers and wage earners. Abroad.

Way to Finland

“Get up early tomorrow,” he says. An expression that is nothing but happiness. They first get to Moscow-St. Petersburg, three hours and forty minutes. Then on the second and last train to Helsinki, another hour. They will stop there. The family has a visa and a good salary and they can buy it. Just as she took the liberty of booking a full package at some travel agency, she was the only one who could guarantee a seat on the Alegro, and the shapes of that train were clearly inspired by our old Pentolino and derive its name from the operating music. Sudden speed change. “That’s what we’re doing, everything started to happen so fast, we were surprised,” Engineer Andre sighed. “We have no choice.”

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Ticket hunting

Other Russians are less than them. It is not possible in any search engine to book the train that will take you to the Finnish border, the first tickets will be available next March 13th. In a week. An eternity. “We decided when we started talking about introducing martial law. By what happens, the future seems uncertain to us and we do not feel safe.” That is spring. The denials of Dmitry Peskov first, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman and later the Russian president did not stop the steady flow of Russian travelers to Finland. “No one wants to be forced to go to war,” says Kira. “We were thirty-five and thirty-seven years old, enough to remind us of what life was like before. If we don’t go out, we will lose our job and everything we have built up over the years. We deserve it. ”

Capitalist foreigners

The migration of the capitalist, urban and cosmopolitan elites, who fear dictatorship above all else, is a return to a closed world they never imagined. At Valima Crossing, two hundred kilometers east of Helsinki, cars line up for about a kilometer waiting for the lane. These are definitely not cheap cars, even SUVs here and the best brand sedans. Restrictions are being tightened. Luggage money is sought because the amount of money allowed for holders of documents to go abroad was already very low, and the fall of the ruble made it equivalent to dinner at a restaurant in any European city. To date, more than 8,000 Russians have made the choice, according to Finnish media. “Look at the size of the suitcases they carry to understand that they will not be back soon,” the Finnish conductor told Euronews. If you look at the pictures coming from the border and the price increase of Alegro, the number of people trying is increasing.

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“Bad” Russians

Andre and Craw’s tea is still intact. It was a night of bad thoughts, doubts and uncertainties about the future. Their mess is not moral, it is economic. They knew it would be very difficult for their homeland from now on. “If I feel like a bad Russian, an arrogant person, how will the exits be painted? Absolutely not. I’m so scared. I think it’s time to leave. But I do not know if I’ll ever see my friends and relatives again, it’s very painful. They leave their elderly parents on this side of the border and do not want to come with them. “I understand them,” he says. “My father does not agree. For him, Russia is important. , That’s how they made me read இருவரும். Both woke up and it became clear that they did not believe in a definite farewell, maybe they were not ready. “What will happen in the next few days? When will this all end? “She asks.” Maybe there’s someone who really knows. Anyway, good luck, and good luck.

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