Three sisters died and they were on vacation in Guatemala

Three sisters Death in road accident eOne insists Holidays. Natalie, Catherine and Tiffany, aged 18 to 21, died while in Guatemala. Those young women died in a car accident Minivan Grandpa crashed into the truck he was driving.

Read more> They go to the funeral in a van and the whole family is killed in an accident

According to local newspapers, the girls traveled from California to Guatemala to visit their mother’s family. The eldest, Tiffany is technically the aunt of the other two, but Natalie and Katherine’s mother raised them as three sisters. Their demise is a great sorrow for the whole family, Aunt Cindy Gonzalez further explains: “There are no words to describe the tragedy we are experiencing now.”

The cause of the accident seems to be the driver of the lorry arrested by the police. Meanwhile, the girls ‘mother has also created a page on GoFundMe to raise money for the girls’ funeral. On the page of the online fundraiser he wrote: “I am truly devastated and I mourn the loss of those close to me who were suddenly taken away. My youngest daughter was about to finish high school and go to university with the other sisters.

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