January 9, 2019 Social Media

Three ways Twitter can help your care business

You’ve probably already heard quite a lot about Twitter. Everyone probably keeps telling you that it’s “important” and that it’s “the future” for businesses looking to promote themselves online – but what does that actually mean; how can it be practically used for your specific care business?

Twitter is infinitely useful for care home marketing, but it has to be used effectively, with an eye constantly fixed on what you’re trying to achieve for your business.

At PLMR we work with care businesses across the country, and we’re evangelical about how powerful Twitter can by as a modern PR and adverting platform.

Here are three ways that Twitter can enhance your care home marketing efforts:

It helps change perceptions

 For those who have no experience of care homes, they might seem like cold and remote places. News stories showing the very worst in the sector only help to compound an unrepresentative image which will always effect overall occupancy.

Compounding this, traditional adverts in newspapers and magazines always end up looking slightly too perfect – staged, photoshopped and unnatural, these images further the belief that care homes don’t want to show you what life is really like in one of their facilities.

The real, authentic and human face of your home needs to be seen – and Twitter is the best way to do it.

Creating an open, online stream showcasing real life in a home – the activity days, the birthdays, the anniversaries and the laughs – helps to debunk those myths. It shows to potential residents and their families that your home is a real community with care at its very core. It’s what makes all the difference to those deciding whether your home is right for them.

It helps friends and family feel connected

Twitter is truly multipurpose – it’s not just useful for driving occupancy – it’s also a wonderful way to keep your current community well-informed and up-to-date with your home’s goings on.

Having a constantly updated feed lets family check in with what’s happening at the home, and allows them to feel like their part of a larger online home community.

With every message they interact with on your feed, they’re not only keeping themselves abreast of your home’s activities, they’re endorsing your company to their connections and providing a free and personal recommendation to their followers. Incidentally, this sort of influencer advertising is highly effective at driving new potential leads to your door.

It improves your vital search results

From a reputation management point of view – nothing is more important than your search results. When your care home is searched for on Google, the first few links that come up colour a user’s perception of what your home is all about, whether it’s a “good one” or a “bad one” and whether it’s ultimately the right fit for their nearest and dearest.

Twitter’s relationship with Google means all tweets are indexed into their search results automatically, meaning popular tweets often find their way onto the first page of keyword searches for a company’s name or the name of a facility. To have some control over this page, you need a well-used Twitter account that does your home and its work justice and highlights your company at its very best.

At PLMR, we specialise in digital marketing for care providers and would be more than happy to assist any organisation, big or small, with their social media and public relations need.

For more information, please contact us at info@plmr.digital or 0203 7143 400.


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