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Ukraine: Della Vedova at the Reconstruction Conference

Undersecretary Benedetto della Vedova will lead the Italian delegation to the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano on July 4 and 5. At the center of the conference, Farnesina’s note underlined the prospects for the future reconstruction of Ukraine, not only from an economic and infrastructural point of view, but also from a social and humanitarian point of view. Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmihal, European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen and representatives of 36 countries and 13 international organizations are expected to participate. The event, which will be chaired by the President of the Swiss Confederation, Ignazio Cassis, will be an opportunity to reaffirm the firm support of Italy and its partners for Ukraine, its opposition to future reconstructions, as well as the European path undertaken. “With the bombs constantly falling on the cities, it seems difficult to talk about reconstruction – della vedova – but now we have to think about Ukraine’s recovery path, which will be intertwined with its European path. Italy, businesses, local authorities and the third sector are ready to support Ukraine in reconstruction and in the continuation of the reform process. has

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