Tokayev Nazarbayev attacks: ‘He created the rich class’ – Europe

He is President del Kazakhstan, Qasim-Jomart Tokayev accused his predecessor, Narsultan Nazarbayev, of “wanting to create a class of rich even at the international level.”“According to the Russian state news agency Rhea Novosti, President Djokovic of Kazakhstan has instructed the government to compile an annual list of companies and major oligarchs that will transfer capital to a social fund.” The first president, El Paso (President Nation, former President Nazarbayev title, et al. I have come to provide for the people of Kazakhstan and to help them in a systematic and regular way, “said Tokayev, according to Riya Novosti.

Tokayev also announced that approximately 2,000 soldiers from the CSTO, a Russian-led military coalition comprising six former Soviet republics, would begin leaving the country in two days. “The peacekeeping operation has been successfully completed,” Tokayev said, adding that the withdrawal would take about ten days. The president called on the countries of the Moscow-led Joint Security Agreement (CSTO) to send troops to bring the situation back under control.

China backs Russian-led military presence in Kazakhstan It was a terrorist act. According to a memorandum issued by China and Russia in Beijing today, “we must resist external forces interfering in the internal affairs of Central Asian countries” and “cause color revolutions” and “disrupt the forces of evil (separatism, terrorism and extremism, et al.).”

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