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The Council of Ministers has approved a new mandate to set the rules at the end of the obligation to cross the greenery both outside and inside: Finally, Prime Minister Drake spoke at a press conference to explain the new measures.

With New Govt Order The end of the green pass duty for outdoor spaces is closed from April 1st to May 1st. The Cabinet of Ministers unanimously approved New Testament It sets the rules for a roadmap for reopening and the gradual termination of recent restrictions. At the end of the council, Prime Minister Mario Draghi spoke at a press conference, explaining the steps.

“Default and community return is almost complete” Prime Minister’s opening sentence. Draghi confirmed it The state of emergency ends March 31 And Cts will dissolve. Drake first praised the technology organization that had supported the government’s decision for two years: “We thank science, not emotion.”. “Approved measures are important: they remove almost all the restrictions that have limited our behavior in recent months.”

However, it is not underestimated Awareness of the epidemic that has arisen over the past few days: «We notice the infection curve and we are ready to modify We have received less than 80,000 deaths thanks to vaccines Compared to 2021 “. At this point words of thanks came to the Italians (” they are so good “) and for them General Figliulo (“His appointment was a radical change”) The task for Figliuolo is not yet complete. Minister Speranza stressed that the senior official will remain in office as Extraordinary Commissioner until December 31st. The Minister has Excluding the use of the fourth dose Vaccine: “There is no evidence for science, The We only evaluate for seniors“.

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Dragons He later backed the decision to introduce a green pass: “He allowed us The economy grew by 6.5%, Which was a huge success and will now be phased out. “This is a peaceful cabinet – he added about the displeasure of the Northern League – if all issues decide the date for the green pass ceasefire the CDMs will be quiet. A solution to that has been found.” The head of government then announced a new cabinet tomorrow to pass an order Assistance to families and businesses Precisely to not compromise the war-threatened recovery in Ukraine: “Growth is slowing but We are not in a recessionDraghi also assured that the supports would not lead to further budget slippage.

In disappearing activities With the new mandate, the “color” system for regions and the obligation for people over the age of 50 to obtain a valid green permit in the workplace: one basic is sufficient.

Theme Russia-Ukraine conflict It cannot be ignored: the Prime Minister, in response to questions from reporters, said the right path to reach an agreement was the US-China dialogue; He added that the barriers would be strengthened if necessary. “But it is necessary An EU limit on gas prices“Draghi in the current situation.” Food and energy risks are not seen, there is no need to raise the alarm; Only if things get worse We will enter into rational logic. “.

On came a final answer Line of the Salvini League: «Currently Salvini Supports pro-European governmentThis is a fact that Prime Minister Mario Tragi and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez commented on in a speech he himself asked: “What would Europe be like today if Salvini, Le Pen and Abbas had heads of government in Italy, France and Spain?” “.

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