Trump wanted to drive the car to attack Capitol

From Massimo Khaki

Testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson, a former White House chief of staff, heard by the Commission of Inquiry into the January 6, 2021 events.

New York – UN Donald Trump That angry January 6 last year
, Knowing that many of the demonstrators marching in Washington were armed, he ordered the secret service to allow them to go to the White House and Congress without going through the metal detectors because “they are not angry with me.” Then Tried to come to Congress With his people and reacted violently When his aides prevented him from succumbing to serious legal consequences: he tried to catch the wheel of The Beast, President Limousine, and then caught the service agent who drove it.

Donald’s anger

Testified on June 28 by Cassidy Hutchinson, then assistant to Mark Meadows, The president’s chief of staff sheds new light on the most dramatic hours of American democracy before a parliamentary committee investigating the attack on Congress a year and a half ago. Detailed reconstruction of what happened behind the scenes: a Hearing He confirmed the rumors about an angry Trump with his partner who did not regret the opposition’s desire to hang him. A leader is out of control to the extent that he pushes his lawyer. To warn Pat Cipolon Meadows, the president faces serious criminal consequences For banning the election. Hutchinson had already testified long before the Commission, but in this new testimony Hearing The extraordinary agreed to reconstruct minute by minute what had happened at the White House on and before January 6: MPs from the organization that carried out the attack on Congress (directed by Rudy Giuliani and other Trumpians) with the intention of convincing Pence Joe did not recognize Biden’s success
, Until Trump refuses to stop his loyal Proud Boys-led Congress storm troops. Trump immediately attacked her, denying everything: “a complete misrepresentation and a misinformation”.

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Hutchinson was questioned by Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney (He noted that almost all witnesses at the trial were conservatives) In Eclipse Square, looking at the site of his arson rally, Trump spreads the events of a dramatic day, beginning with anger at seeing large empty spaces: protesters entering the square must give up their own and improper weapons, many more . Trump knows they’m armed but it does not matter to him: “They do not have it for me.” He also asks the Secret Service to remove the metal detector barrier. Later, when the rebels broke the police barrier protecting Congress (which was not enough for the White House) and threatened to hang Mike Pence, attorney Cipolon urged Meadows to do something to force Trump to stop his people.
But he seeks an answer from the severed head of the cabinet (in the words of an eyewitness, Cassidy): “You heard it: he thinks Benz deserves it. Do you think they did anything wrong?. It’s 2pm, and despite pressure from Republican leaders, Fox is the closest host to him and his own children, with Trump refusing to intervene for another two hours.

After the rally

After his rally, Donald tries to reach opponents in his limo. Lawyers warn: it is suicide by law. Then Meadows and his partner, Tony Arnado, decided to return to the White House. Trump rebels: “I am the President”, Tries to catch the wheel, and then grabs the driver by the neck. Hutchinson expresses his other anger: In December, when Justice Minister Barr announced that he had not found any irregularities in the election process, Trump threw a plate against the wall of a room in the White House with his lunch. TOFrequent anger until the dramatic January 6 after the election defeat, some collaboratorsIn the face of his insane stubbornness, They think for a moment to implement the constitutional procedure for removing the president For the apparent inability to understand and like.

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