Twitter users asked Elon Musk to deactivate all Teslas devices in Russia

  • Elon Musk received several requests to decommission all Teslas in Russia amid the invasion of Ukraine.
  • Twitter users called for the move, saying it could amount to a “technological ban” on Russia’s actions.
  • One user wrote: “What Russia is doing is absolutely disgusting and Putin should be stopped.”

A small but enthusiastic group of Twitter users is urging Elon Musk to deactivate all Teslas in Russia.

The calls come in the wake of the country’s persistence attack on ukraine, which started on February 24.

In a series of tweets to the tech mogul, several users asked Musk to “Turn off every Tesla in Russia. ”

One He said: “Please turn off and deactivate all Tesla cars in Russia. It is absolutely disgusting what Russia is doing and Putin should be stopped.”

else to request The disruption as a kind of “technological embargo” on Russia.

However, Musk has not yet responded to the requests. Tesla did not immediately respond to an Insider’s request for comment, which was submitted outside normal business hours.

Since Russia conducted a “special military operation” on Ukraine, Musk has been helping Ukrainians by providing them with Internet access. Refugees can also get free fees for both Tesla cars and non-Tesla cars in neighboring countries.

Last week, the SpaceX founder said he was providing Ukraine with starlink satellite service After the military action disrupted Internet service across the country.

Musk responded to a request from a Ukrainian government official for Starlink, saying it was “now active in Ukraine” with “more stations on the way.”

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“We hope this helps give you peace of mind to get to a safe place,” Tesla wrote in the email, Electric mentioned.

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