Twitter’s Problems in the Era

Anonymous: Goodbye if you feel compelled to reveal us. Doubt about the finances of the process

Hundreds of thousands of progressives stop following their favorites Twitter On the other hand, the following figures are growing from the extreme and the Trumpian right. Celebrity insurgents threaten to leave (but very few, for now, actually do). Anonymous Coalition warns him: “If you force us to reveal our identity, we will leave.” Moreover, the fear of internal sabotage by Twitter employees led to the new boss deciding to resist ideological opposition or selling out the social network to a character who has a habit of treating his employees harshly: the company has suspended software updates for a few days. , Can reduce the risk of system tampering. It was not a smooth landing three days after Elon Musk announced his takeover of TwitterMany foretold political problems for the most talented entrepreneurs in industrial production, but without management experience in the field of communications, even if he was an excellent communicator and successful influencer.


As analysts had expressed fears His commitment to Twitter with the need to sell most of his Tesla shares In order to finance the acquisition, he can “cannibalize” the auto stocks that form the basis of the billionaire’s wealth. But what is happening at both ends is beyond dark forecasts: Tesla stock continues to fluctuate strongly, but consolidates losses of more than 10% compared to last week’s values. On Tuesday night, Reuters reported that the collapse had reduced Tesla’s capital to $ 126 billion and that Musk had lost $ 21 billion – the amount the businessman had pledged to withdraw from his equity a week ago to fund the acquisition of Twitter. In the prospectus he gave to Sec, the authority on the US stock market. If Tesla’s stock market continues to bleed, an acquisition could make him financially difficult.

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According to Twitter, Musk has promised all users, even those who do not like him, complete freedom to speak on stage, but the first signs are dangerous to him: shields from the public, Mia Farrow’s first Black Lives Matter leader Shawn King, actress and model Jameela Lamen, and Jameela , Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren says the acquisition of Musk is “dangerous to democracy.” Many stomach aches but some real abandonment among celebrities, and the lack of many possible alternatives. Who really threatens to leave the anonymous group: They warn that “if Twitter imposes identity verification, we will drop the network as we have already done on Facebook.” Understandably, the source of these hackers’ anonymity is another problem of Musk, who claims to want to make the identity of all users public. But the main problem, according to him, is the risk that the acquisition will be perceived as a right-wing move, beyond his will. Celebrities are not leaving, but many anonymous progressives are doing: Barack Obama, the most-followed star on the network, lost 300,000 followers overnight, but the bleeding is about sites dedicated to human rights without a specific political meaning: even Auschwitz memory is lost. 35,000 members overnight. While the big party, on the other hand, praises Trump and Musk, now has his site Truth Social: Marjorie Taylor Green, the flag of the far right, gaining 100,000 followers in a matter of hours. Tucker Carlson, Conservative Fox News Host has the most followers at 141,000. And “we’re back”, stress that we’re back. Apparently on Twitter, he considers himself a “recaptured”. Musk can try the amendments, but only in words for now: the acquisition, which involves complex corporate steps and accreditation processes, will not be valid for six months.

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