Uber’s interim managers punished

Era “Gray Corporal”, Almost like that Workers But with a lid “The hue of the law” Of Work relationship Nothing changes in terms of conditions “Exploitation” And “profit” is facilitated by “lack of specific regulation,” which continues to affect the world Kick economy. In a situation i Riders “They are forced to work without anyone Security And guarantee, sign Resignation In white, to suffer Wage abuse And treatment. “Overall Criminal Design” Their harm and purpose “Profit” It said, “Both managers Uber Owners-Managers of Intermediary Companies “.

There is no scorching sun in the tomato fields or there are no cars packed with desperate people racing through the dusty streets. Rural areas At dawn, Milanese must face the frequent cold of winter by stepping on one of the bikes Bikes Late at night. The material, however, was the same, decorated on the back Valuable brand Like Uber: Immigrants, asylum seekers, political refugees working for “all sorts of suffering. Uncomfortable conditions And psychological harassment “, summons the judge for a preliminary hearing Theresa de Pascal Inside Reasons From With sentence October 15 He was last sentenced to 3 years and 8 months in prison Giuseppe Moldini, One of the managers of two brokerage firms – Flash Road City e Frc – Are involved in the investigation pm Palo Story Than May 2020 He was taken to the police station. Then canceled about a year ago The “good” path, The Italian branch of Uber and to negotiate in July 2021 Leonardo Moldini e Danilo Tonini, In 3 and 2 years, respectively.

In addition to the sentences, the judge also decided to change Seizure About 500ml Euro A money Compensation From approx 10 thousand euros each 44 bicycle ambassadors, civil parties and from 20 thousand euros For that CGIL. To the judge it was indeed “no doubt Injury Psycho-physical integrity of “riders forced to work” in the absence of minimal activity Security, Exploited and degraded, Paid with ridiculous figures, Are bound to comply with imposed quantity and quality standards and are implicitly considered sub-workers “, but” without contact Protections, When received – and not always – the condition of a contract Occasional cooperation, Psychologically such unfavorable e Disgraceful conditions Works precisely due to your own condition Economic subordination, Social and personal, due to the status of immigrants, has been Underdeveloped countries, In the absence of valid documents, without valid documents to stay in the national territory Possibility of alternative choices Very decent “.

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Era Exploitation, So. Together “Simple Project”, Defined in 205 pages Reasons: The “giant” of the digital economy’s application, payment method and brand put into service. Businesses, At the same time The Intermediaries They deal with relationships Restaurants And the relationship with the workers. “And – he adds -” TheJob opportunity Come out of her memory Request, For many interested riders, despite oil issues Papers In good condition, recruitment mechanisms are born, which minimize their own Profit limit, So for most of them ‘riding is better than nothing’.

Note is Rotating bells Entered into operation as civil parties, including dozens employed over many years, mostly from the same bed: residents Unusual reception centers Comes from such conflict areas Mali, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Guinea, Pakistan e Bangladesh, So “on condition Serious damage “, Argued the indictment. Reconstruction fully confirmed by the judge’s assessment: “Strong Social loneliness It provides an opportunity to discover where these migrant workers live – study motivations – Work at very low cost Because they are the ones who are willing to do anything to get the money To survive, Exploitation and Show discrimination dai Dishonest employers They feel compelled to work so as not to see their own failure Immigrant dream Therefore, be prepared not only to do lowly qualified and heavy work, but to be paid less and worse. “

In wiretapping, “almost completely” Self-blame, The judge writes, The Defendants They discussed other matters “Subtracted Notes” Riders, in “Unpaid taxes”, In “Account Block”, From “Penalties” Should be imposed “on workers” who do not comply with the prescribed prescriptions “Required status” Recruited Immigrants. Also emerged about “clear and common elements” Exploitation conditions Implemented “.” System “, de Pascal explains, has its own “Basic link” In Piece work ‘ And “ordered The masters are ready for anything To maximize their profits. ” Money Within its own capacity Collaborators, Do not know for sure Plots It was placed by the accused. ” Explicit imbalance Of Bargaining ability Harm to riders.

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In this context, Moldini and the other defendants have “unnecessarily detained” them. Mansi And this Bail For bags, workers must be “forced / forced” to deliver even if they have to Illness “, “Breached all contract terms” Self-employment Effectively managing a limited relationship “Downline ‘changed’“To” Checked the tables The work of delivery mats “by “Threat” – This, according to the court, has occurred several times – Blocking the utility accounts that manage the allocation of deliveries, thus “misusing the property” Level of strength “ Compared to riders. Further “many factors”, the judge argues, lead us to believe that Uber was “fully aware” of the exploitative activity. “Active role” Performed by former employees and staff in “high positions” starting with manager Gloria Presiani, The defendant who chose the normal procedure and is currently suspended by the company. A picture “Transparent Facility” At least “Avoidance control” Or “severe institutional deficiency”.

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