Udoya massacre, Breivik asks for pre-release: “I have changed”

Relatives of the victim, however, fear that he may take advantage of the opportunity of the investigation to attract his attention Intense scenes And encourage like-minded people. The trial is expected to last three days, but it will take several weeks for the sentence to be announced.

“From his criminal investigation, when he boasted about the scale of his assassination, until 2016 when he filed a lawsuit against the government accusing him of violating his human rights, he raised a hand. Hello NaziPsychiatrist Randy Rosenquist, who has been pursuing him since his imprisonment in 2012, says anyone seeking parole should regret it. It can’t be done again, “he added.

During the trial Rosenquist will present his mental health report, which is very important if he wants to prove that the perpetrators are no longer a danger to society. “It simply came to our notice then He is still at high risk of committing new crimes If it is published, ”said Perit Johnson, research professor at the Norwegian Correctional Service University College.

The massacre took place on July 22, 2011 After several months of careful preparation, Breivik exploded A car bomb In front of the Oslo government headquarters, eight people were killed and dozens injured. He then went to the island of Utah, where he opened fire Annual summer camp of the youth wing of the Labor Party: 69 people were killed, most of them youths, before Breivik surrendered to police. Breivik was sentenced in 2012 The maximum sentence is 21 years A condition rarely used in the Norwegian judicial system, i.e. it can be treated indefinitely if it is considered dangerous to the community. This is a stipulation that Breivik may request a probationary hearing after 10 years. On the one hand, the clause refers to life imprisonment, but on the other hand, it also opens up the possibility of Breivik requesting annual trials on parole.

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