Ukraine beats Eurovision 2022 with Kalush band –

From Renato Franco and Andrea Lafranchi were sent to Turin

The 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was won by the translators of “Stefania”.

TheIn the finals to break political songs, Eurovision Song Contest Ukraine takes it home. But yes Before judgment The war scenes included Esc’s music: Zelensky with a video calling on the Kalush band to vote, pro-Russian hackers threatening cyber-attacks to prevent their victory, Rockin1000’s opening theme “Give a chance to peace”. And so on The same Ukrainian band during the competition Initiator of an appeal around the world: “Help the Ukrainian people, help Mariupol”. Applause and standing applause.

Folk tales and rap, flute solos and fructans, Traditional Carpathian costumes and streetwear: their song “Stefania” was dedicated to the band leader Oleg Psiuk’s mother, but with the sound of missiles it gained wider and more universal meaning, reaching out to everyone. A historic victory, Putin slapped in the face of the European people: the wind of unity and remorse pushed Ukraine to the top of the rankings. The votes of the national arbitral tribunals instead competed with the United Kingdom (second in the final), Sweden (third) and Spain, Ukraine in fifth, but telecommunications was decisive. “Our courage attracts the world, our music conquers Europe,” President Volodymyr Zhelensky wrote on his Telegram channel. EU leaders, on the other hand, hailed the victory on Twitter as follows: “Tonight your song won our hearts. We celebrate your victory around the world. The EU is with you,” wrote EU President Ursula van der Leyen. Hopefully it can be held in Ukraine, “said Charles Michael, President of the European Council.” The way home despite all the roads being destroyed. A message of congratulations also came from Joseph Borelli, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs: “Long live the music! Long live Europe! Glory to Ukraine!.

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Disappointment for Mahmoud and Blanco Those who were always at the top of the rankings, but never gave the impression of having the right gear: sixth place without slander and praise in the end.

That was the beginning The show was opened by Laura Poussini

With a mix of 5 songs: “Welcome”, “Loneliness”, “Things You Live For”, “I Sing” and “Box”, I miss Prosetti in different colored costumes and lightning fast costumes each. Then the show format goes to the stage and the race begins, with a train with 25 stops not allowing breaks.

We are waiting to see if Ukraine can hold in a year Eurovision Zhelensky again announced via telegram: “Next year will be Eurovision for the third time in the history of Ukraine. We will do everything we can to be a host city like Mariupol. Thankfully, it runs fast within the most difficult array, which does not allow for redirection. The weakest page is in the transit, but the best solution is difficult to find. Hidden though. ”So in the end they seem a bit vain, the key people around them.

Rai1 version handed over to Malgioglio trio, Corsi and de Dominico: As the space for intervention is very limited, there are as many as three items (paid for by Carolina de Dominico). If Gabriel Corsi was an accountant (but he was obligated to explain what was going on), Cristiano Molgioglio would take the stage for ideas (always centered, beyond his personal preference that one might object to). ), The gaps between her male friends about who is “beautiful” and who is not and the distractions outside of time. A social style concept, the most appropriate way to go from the second screen (I watch TV and judge live) has now entered into the habits of the public.

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Responsible for this project for nine consecutive years Claudio Fazulo, co-director of PrimeTime Roy Entertainment and managing producer of Eurovision 2022 at the San Remo Festival (but no news next year), summarizes with Simona Mordorelli:

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