Ukraine, Biden: Historic UN votes show Putin’s isolation – Last Hour

(ANSA) – Washington, March 02 – “I congratulate the member states of the United Nations for hosting this historic session. The referendum reveals Putin’s isolation.” This was stated by US President Joe Biden in a statement on the UN resolution condemning Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

“The world – Biden said – rejects Russia’s lies. Moscow is responsible for human rights violations and the international humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. There is no room for excuse or misunderstanding. The fault lies with Russia. Once upon a time. In response to the war, it has convened a special emergency session of the General Assembly as part of the United Mechanism for Peace. “

“Most countries around the world condemn Putin’s war. The majority of countries are not only attacking Putin. . “And the majority of the world’s people recognize that if we do not oppose Putin’s Russia, it will only lead to more chaos and aggression in the world.”

“Russia is isolated with the support of four brutal and dictatorial nations,” Biden said. (Handle).

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