Ukraine, Biden: “The world’s democracies are in danger”. Moscow: “Control of Donbass Priority” – World

Although negotiations between Russia and Ukraine have made no progress, in reality the situation appears to be increasingly difficult, with armed conflicts continuing, killing civilians and soldiers on both sides. Joe Biden warns of American soldiers in Poland: “Ukraine’s security is at stake, democracy in the world”. Italy may also be among the countries that guarantee the security of Ukraine. Andriy Yermak, the head of the cabinet of President Volodymyr Zelensky, said in an interview with Georgian media. “The permanent members of the United Nations (Security Council) must be the guarantors of our security. We want to include Turkey, Germany, Canada and Israel.” “There is also information of Italy’s interest in joining the process,” Yermak wrote in the Telegram, according to Ukraininska Pravda.

In the meantime Moscow puts its son in its sight: He’s behind Kiev’s chemical weapons. Despite widespread reports of problems facing Vladimir Putin’s army on the ground in Ukraine, Russian soldiers are receiving signs from their superiors. The war must end by May 9Russia’s Victory Day to commemorate the surrender of Nazi Germany during World War II.

The first target of Russian forces in Ukraine Control of the entire Donbass region, Said the Moscow Ministry of Defense. Meanwhile, according to the Guardian, Kiev claims that Russian forces created a partial land corridor from the Donetsk region to Crimea. The Russian military is prioritizing Donbass with the aim of gaining control of the whole of eastern Ukraine, including Mariupol: A senior Pentagon official confirmed the Moscow announcement during a conference. Moscow is trying to pull its troops out of Georgia and bring reinforcements to Ukraine. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zhelensky has said that Russia has lost more than 16,000 troops in Ukraine so far. In a video released on social media today, the president quoted CNN as saying, “Among those who fell were the commander of an occupation army and the second commander of the Black Sea Navy.” CNN says it cannot independently verify the figures given by Zelensky. Russia says 1,351 soldiers were killed in the attack.

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War – Russian forces launch a missile strike on the Kiev Air Force Base in Vinnitsia, west-central Ukraine. Six cruise missiles were fired, some of which were shot down by anti-aircraft, while others struck several buildings, causing damage to the infrastructure, which is currently being assessed. This was reported by the Kiev Armed Forces, citing Ukrinform.

A Ukrainian anti-aircraft aircraft has shot down three cruise missiles fired by Russian ships in the Black Sea and headed for Odessa. The military operations command in Odessa said this, explaining that the situation in the region was “under control”.

Are afraid of 300 killed in Russian attack on Mariupol theater Last March 16th. France has announced a humanitarian operation to expel the besieged and haunted city along with Turkey and Greece. Russian army bombs a polyclinic in Kharkiv, Osnovinsky district: 4 killed. The death toll in Ukraine has risen to 135 since the start of the Russian invasion, according to an update shared by the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office in Kiev.

The Russian Orthodox Church says a Russian military cleric has been killed in a missile strike in southwestern Russia near the Ukrainian border. Oleg Artyomov was in the village of Zhuravlyovka.

Europe and Zhelensky – The European Union says it is ready to reduce Russia’s “ability to continue its occupation” of Ukraine, “close the loopholes, counter potential escape maneuvers and impose new concerted measures”. Zelensky thanked 27 – except Hungary – but he, according to him, blamed the delay in moving to Europe: sanctions came “a bit late”, said the President of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the work of the Council of Europe resumed in Brussels, the second day of which is dedicated exclusively to energy.

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Nuclear Threats and Damage – The strong reaction from Moscow, through its ambassador to Rome Sergei Rasov, rejects the hypothesis of a “nuclear threat” proposed by Biden and Gelensky, and opens an investigation into the possibility of developing Kiev biological weapons. According to Foreign Minister Sekei Lavrov, a “total mixed war” has been launched against Russia. The Kremlin denied that the phosphorus bomb violated international law.

The United States has no plans to use chemical weapons under any circumstances. A White House official said. However, Joe Biden, according to the Wall Street Journal, has taken a step back from his campaign promises and adopted the ‘traditional’ American approach: it uses the threat of a nuclear reaction to prevent conventional hazards and non-nuclear. , Effectively opening up the possibility of using nuclear weapons in “extreme situations”. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, under pressure from allies over the past few weeks, Pita has been forced to reconsider its position. “What is in danger – Biden told US troops in Poland – this is not only the security of Ukraine, but democracy in the world,” he recalled, adding that “we are in the midst of a war between democracies and dictatorships.”

Putin cites Nazi strikes – Putin compared the neglect of Russian cultural events and lecturers of Russian culture in the West to the book burns caused by the Nazis. It didn’t take long to arrive Copy of author JK Rowling, ‘Mother’ of Harry Potter.

India and China now want an ‘immediate ceasefire’ – India and China want immediate ceasefire in Ukraine. Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar made the remarks after an interview with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. China, meanwhile, “vigorously rejects” allegations and unsubstantiated suspicions, and criticizes NATO as a “remnant of the Cold War” and any attempt to coerce and pressure it. Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenpin said that “sanctions do not help solve problems” and that “dialogue” is the only tool.

Listen to the speaker “The EU is ready for new sanctions, Zhelensky is pushing.”

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