Ukraine: CNN, Belarusian border bridge removed – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – Rome, February 18 – New satellite imagery shows the emergence of a floating tactical bridge under construction in Belarus over the past 48 hours across the main river Pribiat, 6-7 km from the Ukrainian border. Deleted. CNN reports this citing informed sources.

Construction of the bridge was closely followed by Western intelligence, which fears it could facilitate an invasion of the joint military exercises of tens of thousands of Russian troops currently in Belarus, the results of which are scheduled for Sunday. The same satellite images from Maxar and Planet Labs show that it has now been removed, although it has been highlighting its presence since Tuesday night.

The reasons for its construction are unknown, but experts speculate that it may have been used for military maneuvers and that Russian and Belarusian forces have already used it to transport supplies and that it is no longer needed. (Handle).

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