Ukraine crisis triggers EU and US sanctions: Markets closed to Russian debt. Berlin’s “Nort Stream 2” is discontinued. London attacked 5 banks

Twenty-seven is the conflict between those who are concerned about Moscow’s ambition in Eastern Europe and those who insist on tough choices, such as Poland or the Baltic states, and who, instead, prefer to keep diplomacy open to dialogue with the Kremlin. As Germany, France and Italy. “This conflict exists, but it needs to be considered by some – a senior European official says.

Be prepared for other actions if an increase occurs

Everyone in Brussels explains that other hurdles will be taken if it increases further. The question is when to reactivate: What if Russian forces invade the whole of Ukraine or further strengthen Russia’s presence in the eastern part of the country? “It would be a question of political appreciation,” the same senior European official explained yesterday. In this case, twenty-seven divisions respected the appointment. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Some member states, especially Italy or Austria, are at risk of being fined.

London attacked 5 banks

The European Commission has said it is ready to provide compensation to the most vulnerable countries. But to what extent? Meanwhile, from London, the Johnson government has decided to target five Russian banks – Rosia, IS Bank, General Bank, Bromswiasbank and Black Sea Bank – and various individuals.

Disables Berlin North Stream 2

The Russian-German North Stream II gas pipeline is not subject to European sanctions, but President Olaf Scholes has decided to suspend its operation. Speaking in Berlin, the politician announced that he had disabled the certification process of the plant. This choice is a compromise that will allow Germany to open up the future of the controversial pipeline. The German establishment has always been cold on the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčturning this plan into a licensed weapon against the Kremlin. During a meeting of foreign ministers on the sidelines of a conference in Paris, the political acceptance of the approval process took place. Time is scheduled. Very harsh words were spoken by the French diplomat. Jean-Yves Le Drian noted that “Vladimir Putin no longer respects Russia’s obligations,” citing international agreements dedicated to regional integration in Europe, including the Helsinki Final Act of 1975 or the Minsk Agreement of 2014.

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