Ukraine denies ‘Kiev ghost’ pilot’s story – Chronicle

“Ukraine’s hero, Stephen Tarabalka, is not a ghost of Kiev. He did not shoot down 40 planes.” The denial in the official statement, which was shared on social media, came from civil servants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and was published in response to reports spread by the British media.
Citing Ukrainian sources, the Times wrote that Kiev Air Force pilot Major Stephen Tarabalka, 29, was shot down while flying his MiG-29 on March 13, identifying himself as a ‘ghost of Kiev’. – Hand-crashed “more than 40 Russian planes”.
But now the Ukrainian Air Force Command has denied the news and revealed that the character does not exist and claims to be a legendary superhero created by the imagination of the Ukrainians.
“We urge the Ukrainian community once again to verify the sources of the information before disseminating the news,” the statement from the Ukrainian Armed Forces said. Again: “Ukrainian hero Stephen Tarapalka is not a ‘ghost of Kiev’ and did not attack 40 planes. On March 13, Tarapalka was killed in an air battle with the Russian occupiers. The Kiev ghost is a superhero legend. The character was created by the Ukrainians!”

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