Ukraine: Europe – Russian bombs rain on Mykolaiv universities

Civilian structures continue to be targeted in the war in Ukraine. After a raid on a commercial building and a parking lot, Kiev announced that a barrage of Russian missiles had struck two major universities in Mykolaiv, this time digging through the ruins of Vinnytsia. In the city in the center of the country, far from the front lines, there have been dozens of deaths, including children. Children pay a heavy price in this conflict: more than a thousand have been killed or injured in less than five months. Even after the offensive in Donbas began, the military’s grip on Mykolaiv never loosened, denying Ukrainians access to the sea. In the port city, the day began with an attack on two of the most important universities. “At least ten rockets,” said Governor Vitaly Kim, who appealed to “universities of all democratic countries to define Russia as a terrorist state.”

At least four people were injured and buildings were damaged. The death toll in Vinnytsia is dramatically higher. After the missile attack, the police announced that they had identified 19 of the 23 people killed, including 3 children aged 4, 7 and 8. One was on his way to the medical center and the other was waiting for a relative in a car in the parking lot. And the situation is likely to worsen as more than 180 people have been injured and dozens are still missing. We keep digging to find them. But as always, Moscow’s version of what happened was different. In Vinnytsia, the Defense Ministry said, “sea-launched Caliber precision missiles hit an official’s house” where a meeting with “foreign arms suppliers” was taking place. And they are all “eliminated”. Attacks on Mykolaiv and Vinnytsia kept the pressure on the Ukrainians high, while the Russians advanced westward on the main Donetsk front. According to British intelligence, once they captured Siversk, their next target would be Bagmuth, forty kilometers to the south.

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The latter has been hit by new airstrikes, as well as Kramatorsk. However, the defense forces have received a new and important military supply: the first sophisticated M270 rocket systems have arrived, which will further enrich the arsenal of long-range artillery provided by Western allies. Weapons capable of carrying out counter-attacks on territories occupied by the Russians, thanks to their accuracy. With these complexes, the war could continue for a long time, so the United States asked its comrades to “immediately leave Ukraine.” The dead, nearly five months later, numbered in the tens of thousands, including the military. But what is interesting is the number of children killed. According to the Kyiv prosecutor’s office, there are at least 352 people, and at least 657 injured, a total of one thousand. Generally, the confirmed civilian casualties are at least five thousand, but according to the UN they could be many more.

Paul Ure, one of the British volunteers captured by the Russian army in Ukraine, died of a chronic illness in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, pro-Russian officials said. Das reports. “He died on July 10 of previously diagnosed illnesses and stress,” Darya Morozova, the ombudsman of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, told the Donetsk news agency. According to Morozova, Ure – who was kept in a local penal facility – was diagnosed with several chronic diseases. He added that the man was depressed because of London’s indifference to his fate. “For our part, we have provided Paul Urey with the necessary medical treatment despite the seriousness of his allegations,” he noted.

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