Ukraine, G7: ‘Putin should not win the war’. Jill Biden meets Zhelensky’s wife, Monto

G7 countries pledge to halt Russian oil imports: White House statement after video call between leaders The green light of the EU is still being postponed To the gradual oil ban of Moscow. Meanwhile, diplomacy is moving. Jill Biden On a surprise trip to western Ukraine he met the first woman Olena Zhelenska At a school in the town of Ushorod, a town of 100,000 people, just a few kilometers from the Slovakian border. The wife of the Ukrainian president thanked the first lady of the United States for her visit, calling it a “very courageous act.” Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau Located in Irfin, a suburb of Kiev.

Ukraine: Jill Biden unexpectedly meets Zhelensky’s wife

G7: ‘Putin should not win the war’
“We stand united in our determination that President Putin should not win this war against Ukraine. Final report Video call between G7 leaders promising to increase spending on Putin by increasing new barriers or existing ones. Putin’s actions in Ukraine are a “disgrace” to Russia and its people. This was stated in the G7 statement following a video conference with the President of Ukraine Zhelensky It reaffirmed its “firm commitment” to safeguarding Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Ukraine’s ultimate goal – he said – is to ensure the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from the whole of Ukraine and to ensure its ability to defend itself in the future.

New American sanctions
The United States has announced new sanctions against three Russian television stations and their executives Cosprombank They also banned Americans from providing services to Russian businesses. These are the latest actions launched against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The White House said. On the whole they are 27 people were admitted, Including eight Sberbank executives. Channel One Russia, the television station Russia-1, and NTV, which is directly or indirectly affiliated with the Kremlin, are the only televised televisions in the United States. Promtekhnologiya, an arms manufacturer, was licensed in association with eight shipping companies. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will also suspend licenses for the export of specialized nuclear products to Russia.

Azov did not give up
“Surrender to us is unacceptable,” he said Azov Battalion From the besieged steel plant. Then Public evictionOnline Conference from Azovstal: The battalion commander declares, “Many wounded soldiers are about to leave, but we will fight to the end.” Denise ‘Radis’ Prokopenko. “Russian forces are constantly bombing the area and trying to attack the plant,” the captain said. Svyatoslav Kalina Palmer, Deputy Commander of the Azov Battalion. He added that he could not confirm that all civilians had been evacuated from the area as reported yesterday. “The enemy wants to destroy the Ukrainians. It is very clear to us,” he added. “Now our politicians are trying to negotiate with those animals. But don’t they remember what they did? We can not talk to these people. Our goal is to eliminate the threat,” he added. “Here we are defending the free world. We are defending not only Ukraine but also the free world,” he added.

Ukraine: This is what remains of the Literary Museum after the Russian invasion of Kharkiv

The war on the field did not stop
“Strong eruptions” were reported in Odessa and Mykolaiv, Ukraine 24 reports. The Telegram headlined that an elderly teacher had been killed and 27 civilians seriously injured in Russian missile strikes on residential areas in the Mykolaiv area in the past 24 hours. Regional Council Hannah Jamasieva, cited by Ukrinform. According to Jamashiva, the Moscow army bombed the Mykolaiv area overnight. But anti-aircraft warning sirens sounded in almost all Ukrainian regions this morning, Kyiv Independent reported. Two boys, aged 11 and 14, were killed and two girls, aged 8 and 12, were injured in a Russian bomb blast in the Privilege town of Svirodonetsk region of the Lugansk region, the Kiev Attorney General’s Office said. Telegram quoted by Ukrinform. More than 200 children have been killed, according to official estimates.

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And it was discovered Sofia died and went missing at the age of 13 Two days ago, the Russian army bombed vehicles evacuating civilians in the Kharkiv region. Relatives appealed on social media. Sergei Polvinov, head of the investigation of the regional police department, made the announcement on Facebook through the Ukrinform report. “Unfortunately, in the car in which he was traveling were found the remains of the body and the medals pointed out by his relatives,” Polvinov said. Sofia has been in the car with her 6-month-old sister and mother. Woman injured in bombing Pilohirivka, Always in the Lugansk region. This was announced by Sergei Guido, head of the regional military administration, in a telegram taken by Ukrinform. “The remaining 60 people may have died under the rubble of the buildings,” Keito wrote. Yesterday the Ukrainian emergency services spoke about at least two victims. 90 people were hidden in the basement and at least thirty were rescued in the evening.

Dead soldiers
At least 25,500 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine since the invasion began, according to the Kiev military. In its update on the casualties so far in Moscow, the military points out that 199 warplanes, 156 helicopters and 360 drones were shot down after 74 days of conflict. In addition, Kiev forces claim to have destroyed 1,130 Russian tanks, 509 artillery pieces, 2,741 armored vehicles carrying troops, 92 naval missiles, 179 rocket launchers, 12 ships, 1,961 vehicles and tankers for transporting fuel, 86 counter-attacks. Air defense units and 39 specialized equipment units.

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