Ukraine, General explains why we should not insult Russia

General Paulo Kapitini may begin with French President Emmanuel Macron: “We must not succumb to the temptation of revenge. We must make peace tomorrow, around the table with Ukraine and Russia.

I see the prospect of giving Putin a way out of this situation. The wall against the wall does not seem to lead to anything and will certainly do no good to the EU. France translates the sentiments of French, German and other European countries. We begin to look at this war with some concern, with no obvious solution. This is what Macron tells us. If we talk about culture or knowledge of the other world, we must say that the Russians did not accept humiliation and, in the course of history, were willing to pay a high price. Will be humiliated. It’s a part of their lives. Whether you like it or not, this is a fact. So closing them in a corner is not appropriate.

Moreover, Russia has been our partner for a long time, at least economically.

It has been our partner for a long time. And as the field expands, Russia has sided with us in difficult times. In the First and Second World Wars. In the balance of power created in the 50s and early 80s, the Russians could buy more muscle policy towards Western Europe, but they did nowhere near anything like this despite a significant superiority. And I do not think it’s for fear of American retaliation. I think this is too much for Russian self-awareness: they have their own place, they consider it their own. It is a nation built on the backs of other empires. Is the Persian Empire in crisis? They take a part of it. Is the Ottoman in crisis? Item. They were born in the wreckage of other empires. This is their historical line.

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So why did Putin start this war?

At first he thought he would win. No one will start a war and they do not think they can win. After all, Putin won.

What is the meaning?

He reiterated at the center of the debate that power was an element of politics, even in Europe. This led to a reconsideration of military spending, at least in Western Europe. No one thought about it. With the epidemic, the thought of doing something else was right. However, Putin made it clear to us that it was important to have a radical military (even if the US side always knew this).


We must not forget that Putin rules Russia and that he must respond to the Russians. In the end, if every Russian believes that every minority that makes up this country can come to the rescue, that empire will rise.

Are there no other reasons to attack Ukraine?

The Ukrainian military has not told us each other for ten years now. In 2016, the army consisted of 25 battalions, U.S.-based. Then 3-4 thousand armed soldiers. More today. In this part of Europe, if you take the Turks, the Ukrainian army was the most powerful army in this area before the war, even in training. After the Battle of Donbass, the Ukrainians changed their training, training level and logistics.

Is there any validity for Putin in fearing such a military-strong Ukraine?

He was well aware of how the Ukrainian army was structured. Maybe he doesn’t know how to behave. In the early days it attracted the army and the army. If one does not believe the other side has agreed, similar announcements will not be made. There was a mistake behind the Ukrainian military unity. As far as is known no one has been refined. They were all in his place.

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However, Ukraine is also enjoying great Western military support …

For example, if we had done the same thing with Moldova, nothing would have happened. Ukraine has a large and very large army. Help was very important, but there was already a solid foundation. The Russians attacked in a defensive and one-and-a-half attack relationship, which is nonsense. does not work. If so, what are the West doing with Ukraine? The Ukrainians are well addressed, but in the end they are the ones fighting. And they know how to do it.

What can be done to prevent Russia from being insulted even after Putin’s speech here?

The pressure on Russia may begin to ease a little. The West immediately sided with Putin. No one on our Western team has been quiet enough to have a diplomatic and negotiating role. Tell me a country in Europe where you can sit around a table with Putin and Zhelensky because it did not treat anyone badly. We have given this responsibility to Turkey. I do not know if this is something that Europe can afford. In the end we have to discuss but who owns the bank?

Can anything else be done?

Above all, we have given global importance to the civil war. Who cares about the war in Georgia? Or in Chechnya? The use of war violence in those areas is an expression of politics. While this has been the way we express ourselves for centuries, we have given up on it. The Ukrainian war is a local war with local rhythms and local stability that we want to intervene in. But let’s see what this balance will be.

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