Ukraine, increase in Donbass, Russians attack Lukansk-Monto

Russian attack Donbass, Moscow, according to British intelligence, is deploying next-generation Terminator tanks. The Russians claim to have destroyed 13 military bases, 4 ammunition depots and 3 Ukrainian command positions in 24 hours with precision missiles. Zhelensky talks about a very difficult situation. According to the Lukansk military administration, the Russians are trying to enter Severdonetsk from four directions, but so far they have been pushed back. In the fire on houses and public buildings, in the Donetsk region of Ukraine police, 7 dead. Roads and bridges cut by the Russians in Gershon.

The Russians are concentrating their forces on the attack on Severodonetsk, which is “becoming the new marijuana”: Ukraine Form reported that the Ukrainian Commissioner for Human Rights Rada Lyudmila Denisova of the Verkhovna Telegram reported. “Enemy attacks continue in many areas, and residential areas are bombed by artillery and rocket launchers. The enemy has concentrated all its forces on the attack on Chevroletonetsk. It becomes the new Mariupol,” he said.

Meanwhile, Russian negotiators deny that the prisoners’ exchange between Azov Battalion fighters and the pro-Russian oligarch Medvedev has opened up. Zhelensky, however, combines the fate of military personnel with peace talks. But Moscow wants to interrogate prisoners. Polish President Duda arrives in Ukraine: he will address parliament Draghi called on the Ukrainian president to “approve the sixth embargo against Russia, pledge Italy’s consistent support for blocking ports and Kiev’s entry into the EU.” Zhelensky thanked him.

“Today 22 million tons (of wheat) are blocked and the Russians continue to steal it and take it elsewhere. The world community must help prevent Ukraine from having ports, otherwise the energy crisis will continue into a food crisis.” Thus quoted the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky, Ukrainianform Agency. “Russia has blocked all ports and all sea opportunities for food exports: our wheat, barley, sunflower and so on. These roads must be destroyed because there will be a crisis in the world. There are many ways to prevent it. That is why we are returning to our partners with a demand for weapons,” he added. .

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Explosions in the Kiev region They were recorded at 13.30 and 12.30 Italian time, and were soon recorded in the nearby Cytomir area. The Russians opened fire on civilian houses and structures in the Donetsk region. According to the Ukrainian Form, the Ukrainian National Police said.
“Occupiers opened fire on 12 apartments, killing and injuring more than 40. They destroyed more than 40 homes, a school, a music school, a company, businesses and life support facilities.” The Russians reportedly fired from planes, tanks, heavy artillery and several Hail rocket launchers.
Heavy casualties in the Russian missile attack on Losova on Friday, East of Kharkiv: More than a thousand apartments and 11 school facilities have been affected. Mayor Sergei Zhelensky quoted CNN as saying, “The figures are shocking: 11 schools, including five schools, have been attacked. The extent of the damage to one hospital and one clinic is still unknown. And the Losova branch of the roads.
Seven people, including an 11-year-old boy, were injured in the attack. Losova is located 73 kilometers southwest of the Russian-occupied city of Isiam in the Kharkiv region.

Ukraine’s entry into the EU will be “15 or 20 years, and it will be very long”: Clement Beyonc புதிய, the new French Minister for European Affairs, meanwhile said he could join the European political community proposed by President Emmanuel Macron. .
“I think there is a change that is not useful to Putin, he gives him a job. There are divisions even in the Russian power. It will last a long time, Putin is not in good condition: now he is weaker than before. And tomorrow it will be weaker than today,” he said in half an hour. Lucia Annunziata interviewed Frans Timmermans, vice president of the European Commission. For Timmermans, “Russian society, gradually, has undergone a change, especially from mothers who wonder what is going on without seeing their children. Then and now there are protests at concerts”. “Putin’s friends are very quiet, in fact we have never seen anyone, even in Italy. They are under the table, but they have to be clear and say ‘we did something wrong’.” Timmermans said he was optimistic that the Democrats had lost the election and that the only democrat who had won was Putin’s friend Orban.

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