Ukraine, Kadyrov ‘fell’ Lysizansk, but Kiev denies it. Zelensky: ‘The war is not over’ – The World

“In many cities of the rear now” one feels relief, “but the war is not over, in some places its brutality is increasing, this cannot be forgotten”. In a telegram, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed to Ukrainians to “help the army, help the volunteers, help everyone who is alone at this time” and “spread the truth about the war and the crimes of the occupiers.” “No matter how difficult today is, we must remember what will happen tomorrow. Tomorrow it may bring more benefits to Ukraine,” he added. Zelensky, reports Ukrainska Pravda, recalled that on Monday in Lugano, Switzerland, a special conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine will be held, where Kiev will present its plan.
Since the outbreak of war on February 24, the territories of 10 regions of Ukraine have been affected and 1,027 towns and villages have been liberated, Zelensky said. Another 2,610 are still under Russian occupation and many more need to be rebuilt, Zelenskiy said in a routine video message by Ukrainska Pravda ahead of an international reconstruction conference scheduled for Monday in Lugano.
“Fierce hostilities continue along the entire front line in Donbass,” the Ukrainian president was quoted as saying by Ukrinform in his evening speech, explaining, “of course, the center is in the cities of the Luhansk region.” “Enemy activity is intensifying in the Kharkiv region. We have succeeded in evicting the invaders from Ivanivka in the Kherson region, and we continue to press on the south of our country,” Zelensky added.

After the capture of Severodonetsk, Russian forces continued to hammer the twin city of Lyzysansk, the last Ukrainian stronghold in the Lugansk region, and advanced to Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, Donetsk, in an attempt to capture all of the Donbass. “Lysychansk is ours! We are in the center,” Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, an ally of Vladimir Putin, announced the Severodontesk fall several weeks before it actually happened. Pro-Russian separatists report only that the city is “completely surrounded” and that “Ukrainian troops are unable to leave.” However, the Chechens insist that taking Lysychansk will only take “a few hours”.

For its part, Kiev denies heavy fighting, while a recent report by British 007 says Russian forces are making “little progress” in Lysisansk with air and artillery strikes, and Ukrainian forces will continue to block Russian troops. On the south-eastern outskirts of the city. “On the last day, the aggressors opened fire with all kinds of weapons – Luhansk governor Sergey Gaidai – the houses in the attacked villages are burning one by one. With such a high density of bombing, we have time. Rescue the wounded and put out the fire on a large scale”. Russians dropped cluster bombs on Sloviansk, killing four people and wounding seven, city administration head Vadim Liak said in Kremenchuk, central Ukraine, as rescuers finished clearing rubble from the center. A missile on June 27: The official death toll is at least 21 dead and 66 injured, according to state emergency services, which recovered 29 body parts from the rubble.

Zelensky: ‘We are negotiating new weapons to exploit the Russians’

Missiles continue to rain down on the Sumi region in the country’s northeast: at least 270 missiles have been reported in the past 24 hours alone, according to local officials. A 64-year-old woman was wounded in the Shalyginsk region in the attacks. “There is damage to infrastructure: civilian homes, farms, power grids and a water tower,” Governor Dmytro Shvitsky said. Even the southern city of Mykolaiv, which acts as a shield for Odessa, woke up to loud explosions: local sources said 10 missiles were fired from the occupied territories of nearby Kherson against the port and other industrial infrastructure. Budget of victims. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko accused Ukraine of shooting down missiles aimed at his border.

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In Lviv, in the west of the country near the Polish border, regional security is carrying out additional exercises in case of a ground attack from Belarus, Mayor Andriy Sadovy said. But to Mykhailo Podoliak, an adviser to President Zelensky, Russia is using rumors of a possible attack from Minsk only to spread panic among Ukrainians. Meanwhile, London faced fresh charges against two other British citizens captured by the Russians in the Donbass, who could face the death penalty “like the other three mercenaries”. “We condemn the exploitation of prisoners of war and civilians for political purposes and are talking to Russia. A British Foreign Office spokesman said. – We are in constant contact with the Ukrainian government on their cases and we fully support Ukraine in their efforts to free them.”

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