Ukraine, Kyiv: ‘First shipment of wheat from Kornomorsk port on July 27’ – World

Exports of Ukrainian wheat will begin on July 27 from the port of Chornomorsk in the southwest of the country. Ports of Odessa and Pivtenny will continue. This was announced by the Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov, according to the Kyiv Independent. On July 22 Russia and Ukraine signed UN-backed agreements to resume Ukrainian grain exports across the Black Sea.

This was announced by a minister from Kiev. Ukraine said it expected to resume grain exports “as early as this week” since the start of the war, despite the Russian military bombing of the main port of Odessa last Saturday, after signing an agreement with Moscow. “We expect the contract to start working in the next few days and a coordination center to be established in Istanbul in the next few days. We are preparing everything to start this week,” Ukraine’s Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov told reporters. Conference.. The Minister said that the main obstacle to the resumption of exports is the risk of Russian bombing, as demonstrated by the attack on the vital port of Odessa on the Black Sea. Unite to ensure the safety of Ukrainian convoys. “If the parties don’t guarantee security, it won’t work,” he warned. Exports are also hampered by sea mines laid by Ukrainian forces against Russian amphibious assault. According to the minister, demining will take place only in the “corridor required for export”. LAnd Ukrainian ships will come with convoys, which can transport not only grain, but also fertilizers, he said. Deputy Infrastructure Minister Yuriy Vaskov said the southwestern port of Chornomorsk would be the first to operate for export, followed by the southern port of Odessa and the southwestern port of Pivtenny. “We are technically ready to export grain from all Ukrainian ports in the next two weeks,” he said.

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Moscow accused 92 members of the Ukrainian armed forces of crimes against humanity and proposed an international court supported by countries such as Bolivia, Iran and Syria. This was reported by the head of the Russian intelligence service, writes BBC Online. More than 1,300 criminal investigations have been launched, Alexander Pastrykin told government website Rossiiskaya Gazeta. He said the Ukrainians were “committed to crimes against the peace and security of humanity, which are illegal”. Pastrykin said 92 commanders and 96 of their subordinates were charged Many others, including 51 military commanders, are currently being sought. The BBC could not verify the information contained in the interview, while Kiev did not comment on it. Pastrykin later accused the West of openly funding “Ukrainian nationalism”, for which a UN-backed investigation was “highly suspect”. He then proposed the establishment of an international court with countries that had “an independent position on the Ukrainian issue”, notably Syria, Iran and Bolivia. Ukraine is also conducting its own investigations, and has already said it is looking into 21,000 alleged crimes of war and aggression by Russian forces since the invasion began last February.

Whether or not restrictions applied to Moscow are lifted, Russia will retain its obligations on agricultural exports.. This was said by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov At the talks in Cairo, he said, “We have no bias towards renegotiating with Kiev on a wider range of issues beyond wheat, which is up to the Ukrainians”. Lavrov explained that Russian and Turkish navies will ensure the safety of grain ships in the Black Sea. Another push against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: “Moscow will help the Ukrainian people to remove the anti-people and anti-historic regime in Kiev,” he said. “We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people who deserve a better life. We regret that Ukrainian history is being destroyed before our eyes, and we regret those who succumbed to and supported the state propaganda of the Kiev regime. This regime wants Ukraine to be Russia’s permanent enemy,” Lavrov said. “The Russian and Ukrainian people will continue to live together. We will help the Ukrainian people to get rid of a completely anti-people and anti-historical regime,” the head of Moscow’s diplomacy promised.

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Western barriers to Russian food and fertilizer exports should be liftedI, if he wants to solve the food crisis, Lavrov said at the end of the talks with his Egyptian counterpart. “In terms of food, our co
Western colleagues are very concerned about this situation. They need to remove the sanctions that they created themselves “, Lavrov explained, even if sanctions are not imposed on Russian food and fertilizers, sanctions are imposed against companies that ensure food supplies, against companies that ensure payments for food. .”

Lavrov always explained it It will be a third party to ensure the safety of ships Transportation of Ukrainian wheat with Russia and Turkey. “We managed to reach an agreement in Istanbul: Ukraine will mine the ports and take the ships to the sea, while Russia, Turkey and another party, to be determined later, will take the ships to the Bosphorus,” he said. Russian Minister.

Meanwhile, despite the attacks, Kiev promises that “technical products will continue to export agricultural products from our ports.” The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine said this on Facebook Oleksandr KubrakovIt signed agreements in Istanbul on Friday to block grain from Ukrainian ports.

“Ukrainian warship and US-supplied Harpoon missile depot in Kiev destroyed” in Russian attack on Odessa port. The Moscow Defense Ministry confirmed the attack. According to the spokesman, the long-range missiles hit “a shipyard” in the port and put the productive capacity of the Ukrainian Navy’s ship repair and modernization facility out of service. previously, Russia, through the Turkish government, has denied that it attacked the port, which is important for Ukraine’s wheat export deal signed a few days ago in Istanbul.

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