Ukraine: Lavrov-Blingen-Europe talks begin in Geneva

The Negotiations in Geneva Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken have been linked to tensions around Ukraine, according to Russia’s Riya Novosti.

America is still looking “Diplomatic solution“About Ukraine. US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a meeting in Geneva, however, he promised.” Quick and strong response ”in case of invasion From Moscow.

Lavrov said at the beginning of the meeting that he did not expect a turnaround from today’s talks in the wake of tensions around Ukraine, but that he expected responses to the “security guarantees” demanded by Moscow. Toss reports. “During your visit to Europe, in one of your recent statements you mentioned the fact that you did not expect a turning point from this meeting, we do not expect a turning point from this meeting, but we expect responses to our proposals,” Lavrov said.

Meanwhile TheUkraine accuses Russia of increasing arms suppliesMilitary equipment for I and pro-Russian separatists. Russia continues to “strengthen military capabilities” of separatists in eastern Ukraine, and since the beginning of this month it has been supplying “several tanks”, artillery systems and ammunition, the Ukrainian military intelligence service said in a statement.

The Russia wants to withdraw foreign NATO troops from Romania and Bulgaria, Member states of the Atlantic Alliance, as part of the agreement for the escalation of the Ukrainian crisis. “There is no ambiguity – the Russian Foreign Ministry writes in response to the written question:” This is a question of the withdrawal of foreign forces, equipment and weapons, to return to the 1997 situation in those countries at that time. They were not members of NATO. This is the case with Romania and Bulgaria. “

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