Ukraine, live. Pucha, Horror on the Public: Execution and Mass Graves. EU: Towards a gas stop

Twenty corpses were thrown like toys on a residential street புச்சாNewly liberated suburb in the northwest Kiev. After more than a month of occupation, there are not many houses in the Ukrainian city, but only skeletons and the retreat of the Russian army leaves destruction and death. The bodies are lined up on asphalt, in civilian clothes, and some still hold a white cloth, which is a signal to the enemy that they are unarmed. Useless warning: they were shot in the head, many of them with their hands tied behind their backs. “Among them is a 14-year-old boy – says Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk – more than 300 died without a grave in Pucha, but buried in mass graves because all three graves were within the borders of Russian soldiers.” .


In the telegram, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky posts pictures of Pucha’s dead and very harsh: “Mothers of Russian soldiers should see all this. Look at what atrocities you have raised. Murderers, bandits, butchers, your children have no soul or heart: ours is not a wholehearted heart. Among the bodies dumped in one of the mass graves are the bodies of former Seagull Second League club footballer Oleksandr Sukhenko, who was killed along with his parents. , Searched them and confiscated their car.Then they came back and they wanted to take Ola, but her husband refused to leave her. “Six hours later. They took everyone, including Alexander. There is a suspicion that a traitor is operating in the village, ”said Tetiana Semenova, vice president of the Kiev Regional Council. “We now see in Puja all the horrors we heard of as crimes committed by the Nazis during World War II, where there is a terrorist plot against civilians,” Mayor Fedrook echoes. As for Moscow, sticking true to its own story, it denies allegations of assassination. The Russian Defense Ministry called the pictures and videos of the dead “fake” by Kiev and the Western media, and said the city had been bombed by Ukrainians while still under Russian control.

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The mayor knows that is not the case. “The Russians, on the pretext of searching for the Nazis, broke into houses and looted civilians for no apparent reason. On March 17, Ruslan Nechiporenko, a father of three, was shot dead in front of his 14-year-old son, who went with him to fetch food and water,” he told Occupiers. “Women are raped, children are hurt, they are killed, there is no mercy even on the elderly. Doctors are not allowed to take the injured out and provide assistance to those in need. Weak and insecure are key goals because those with strength are struggling. Ukraine’s Attorney General Irina Venediktovasta has been collecting evidence of possible war crimes. Proof. Since the beginning of the invasion, 158 children have been killed and more than 254 wounded, a death certificate used by the Russians as human shields to prevent some from being attacked. Witnesses testify about strollers placed in front of tanks in Sumi and Saporizia, in the village of Novi Pykiv near Chernihiv. Ukrainian human rights ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova explains that “children are being held hostage in conflict-affected areas to ensure that people do not provide coordination with enemy movements for Ukrainian forces.”


Human Rights Watch documented rape, brief executions, and “unspeakable and planned atrocities and violence against Ukrainian citizens.” Bodies of tortured civilians were found near the Trostianets in the Sumi region. In the village of Worsel, 50 kilometers northwest of Kiev, soldiers threw a smoke bomb into a basement, found a woman and a boy who had taken refuge inside, and drilled them with bullets. In late February, a car driven by an elderly man was crushed by a tank, and on March 7 a family fleeing Irbine was destroyed by a motorcycle. Under the heading of war crimes, unfortunately the big chapter is about rape. Among the victims was Luba, a 29-year-old girl from Kharkiv who was raped by soldiers in a wheelchair for a week by soldiers in a wheelchair. “Unbearable pain, it can never be overcome or forgotten,” he says. Luba stayed at his home to take care of his mother, at the sound of enemy gunfire, with the sound of explosions marking the days. Until that morning – Ukrainska Prava quoting the testimony of a volunteer – “Some Russian fighters came: three lice, I can not define them in any other way, I can not call them people”. They steal food, steal everything they see, two leave, and a third stays with the young woman for several days and rapes her. The prisoner tries to get help and he destroys her phone. He then confesses that he fell in love with her and wants to take her away. Luba refuses and it is a disgrace to the Russians: he points his gun at his mother and shoots her in front of his daughter. In a horror for no reason, the volunteer says, “The Russian army raped the Ukrainians for fun: Luba’s story is one of many, but it destroys you inside”.

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Yulia Anosova, a lawyer for the Ukrainian NGO Strata, is at the forefront: “Since the beginning of the war, we have been collecting reports of violence against Ukrainian women. It has been used as a weapon in the war on rape.” Will be killed.A woman victim of similar violence in Gershon was raped in the presence of her 17 – year – old daughter. The Russians are advancing eastward from the Kiev region, aiming to inflict a large number of casualties on their entire territory. The rubble undermines houses, streets, and even the bodies of victims: anyone who approaches for human misery jumps into the air. In the Kharkiv region Russia Prohibited person uses anti-personnel mines. They are Pom-3, equipped with a sensor to detect an approaching person: explosives and pieces are killed within a radius of 16 meters.

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