Ukraine, Macron: ‘Putin Chosen War’ – World

Russian President Vladimir Putin has “deliberately chosen war in defiance of his promises. This war is not a confrontation between NATO and the West and Russia on the one hand”: French President Emmanuel Macron spoke live on television. In the country tonight. Macron paid tribute to the “Ukrainian people” and its president: “Volodymyr Zelenski – he said – is at the head of his people with a face of respect, freedom and courage”.

“We are not at war with Russia,” said French President Emmanuel Macron, who spoke directly to Ukraine about the war. “We know everything about the Russian people who sacrificed themselves to save Europe from the abyss during World War II, and all that unites us with these great Europeans. Today we are with all the Russians who refused to come and disqualify us. They have, and they make it known in Russia and elsewhere.

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