Ukraine; Moscow: ‘Surrender to Mariupol’, but Kiev did not confirm. Biden attacks Putin, his genocide. Zhelensky’s applause: The words of a true leader – the world

I 1,026 Ukrainian soldiers surrender to Mariupol, They include 162 officers and 47 female soldiers. The Russian Ministry of Defense Toss quoted. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major Igor Konashenkov said that “1,026 Ukrainian soldiers of the 36th Marine Regiment” surrendered to Russian troops near the Ilyich steel plant.

Ukrainian Ministry of Defense No yield information available By Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol: A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense told reporters about the 1,026 sailors who surrendered in the Ukrainian port city, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The Guardian quoted Reuters as saying.

“There Turkey supplies evacuation vessels Mariupol people and look forward to a positive response. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense of Ankara quoted by DOS.

“Yes, I talked about genocide because it is clear that Putin is trying to destroy the idea of ​​being Ukrainian.” Joe Biden was responding to a question on whether genocide was taking place in Ukraine.. “We will leave it to the lawyers to figure out how to qualify him internationally, but it seems to me,” the US president added.

The real words of the real leaderUkrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has praised Joe Biden for speaking out for the first time about “genocide” in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the talks “At a dead end” Through the fault of the Ukrainians and Russia, the war will continue to achieve its goal from the beginning: to capture the entire Donbass in order to protect the indigenous peoples of the Russian race. The next day, Austrian President Carl Niehammer visited Moscow. Putin turned off hopes for a diplomatic solution. “We have no choice but to attack Ukraine,” he says. On the issue of war crimes raised by his speaker in the difficult interview, he also denied all allegations and dismissed the Pucha massacre as “fake”. The assassination was “false news”, the Kremlin leader said, adding that he had collaborated with Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko to get the truth out of the alleged Russian investigation.

Meanwhile, Victor Medvetsk was arrested by a special operation of the Ukrainian intelligence serviceRussian-backed opposition ‘platform for opposition life’. President Volodymyr Zelensky announced it in a telegram Publishes photo of Medvetsk handcuffed while wearing Ukrainian military uniform.

It is from the new Vostoshny cosmotrome, 8,000 kilometers east of Moscow, that the Kremlin leader, along with his trusted Belarusian ally, has resumed the challenge to the entire West. To do so, he chose a date that would mark Russian pride: the 61st year since the launch of the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin. Even then, Moscow was under sanctions, “yet the Soviet Union was the first to launch a satellite, the first astronaut to be ours, the first aircraft of a space station, the first astronaut, and the first woman.” Even now, the president has promised that Russia will be able to carry out its space program by launching the Luna-25 automatic spacecraft, among other things. At the same time it will pay for the punitive measures of Western countries.

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Kiev, for its part, denies any obstacles to progress in the talks, and says they will continue, especially in “this heavy emotional environment” even if they are “very difficult”. But Putin’s claims do not dampen hopes of a Russian offensive in the east of the country. Putin “decided he could not stop” because “he wants a military victory”, commented French President Emmanuel Macron, who was the Russian leader’s most staunch spokesman in an effort to prevent conflict. Jar said his troops had invaded Ukraine since 2014 to “defend” the so-called “genocide” carried out by the Ukrainians: “This is our plan. .

Ukraine, Putin: ‘Russian officials in Donbass are brave and talented’

In the endless siege of MariupolThe mayor’s latest estimates put the death toll at at least 21,000. The Russians also attacked with phosphorus bombs. Toxic substances were sprayed by a drone targeting the defenders of the strategic port city, which was increasingly crushed under the weight of the attack. According to the complaint of the Azov Battalion All three showed “obvious signs of chemical poisoning” but none of them experienced “serious consequences” because the banned ammunition would have fallen into a relatively isolated area.

“It is not possible to investigate the scene of the crime because of enemy firing, because the Russians continue to use the tactic of covering up their crimes,” explains the regiment of Ukrainian militants, who say the wounded were suddenly thick white smoke and then trouble. Gave way to breath and legs “like cotton”. An allegation was also confirmed by Mariupol’s civil administration and, above all, it found the American side. “We have credible information that as part of their offensive against Mariupol, the Russians may have used tear gas or other insurgent weapons mixed with chemicals,” US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken explained. In short, the dream of chemical weapons is hovering more and more over Ukraine, witnessed by another complaint from a village novojakovlikov in the vicinity of Saporizia, which, according to local authorities, was hit by “phosphorus bombs” whose effects were mitigated by rain. The allegations, which Moscow has always denied, are being sent back to the so-called “provocateurs”.. However, just hours before the alleged attack, Colonel Edward Basurin, deputy commander of Donetsk’s separatist militia, threatened to use “chemical weapons” to “expel moles,” especially in the tunnels of the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. , Where three thousand Azov fighters will take refuge. It is also feared by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky that this could be a specific strategy, he said, adding that he was “concerned about possible attacks by chemical weapons in the new phase of terrorism.”

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If installed, the use of prohibited weapons in the offensive will provoke new reactions from the West. Warnings flow from Brussels to London. Britain’s Deputy Defense Minister James Heppy has explained that it is working “urgently” to verify complaints. If they try, he said, “all options are on the table” based on the international response.

“We have provided chemical weapons protection equipment to Ukraine.” U.S. State Department spokesman Netflix said at one point with the press that he did not provide an accurate list of what the U.S. had sent to the Ukrainians, but that it was gas masks, overlays and other equipment.

ZELENSKY closes EU, Russia suspends gas or Moscow does not – “The task of documenting and investigating war crimes committed by Russia in the liberated occupied territories of Ukraine continues. Every day new mass graves are found. Thousands of victims, hundreds of cases of horrific torture. Bodies are still found in manholes and cellars. The bodies were tied up and dismembered. Hundreds of orphansAt least hundreds of children and hundreds of rapes have been reported, including minor women and very young children and children. ” This was stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky According to Ukrinform, to the Lithuanian Parliament. “The world does not realize what war Russia is preparing for if oil is being actively discussed only for the Sixth Package. Without a clear definition of Russian gas, it is impossible to be sure that Europe has a common desire to stop Russian military crimes in order to force Russia into peace.“, Said the President of Ukraine.” Every effort must be made to ensure that Europe’s response to Russia’s aggression is truly strong and truly integrated, “Zhelensky said in a speech to the Lithuanian parliament.” We can not wait for the development of the Lithuanian parliament. The seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, and twentieth set of sanctions against Russia must make really powerful decisions, “said Zhelensky, among others: Consumption of gas and oil. “

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Ukraine again calls for arms and warns allies: “Whoever does not help us is responsible for the deaths of Ukrainians”. The word of the President ZhelenskyNo doubt: “More military support will be needed soon. The lives of Ukrainians are being lost, lives that can no longer be recovered. And this is the responsibility of those who still have weapons in their arsenal. – He says this war can be put to an end.

From cities – The atrocities of the traditional war did not stop. Also in Mariupol, Caritas announced that two workers from its local office had been “forcibly taken to Russia”, where seven people were killed in a bombing of a Russian tank. Meanwhile, the Russian offensive continues its advance in the Donbass, towards which an army Maxi-convoy is heading from the Rostov region of Russia, mobilizing forces to carry out a determined offensive, while hundreds of thousands of civilians have fled. The last days in the west. Across Ukraine, meanwhile, terror continues to emerge. Attorney General Irina Venedikova says 5,800 war crimes are under investigation. In cities already attacked by the Russians, budgets are becoming more and more dramatic. In Pucha, the bodies of civilians found and killed have risen to 403, according to Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk, while other mass graves are still being dug. A further 400 burials were found in the Chevroletonetsk region in the eastern Lukansk region.

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