Ukraine: New strong eruptions in Odessa. Drake and Biden will talk about sanctions on Russia-world

Ukrainian officials announced a missile strike on Odessa on Monday evening. The BBC reports that three large bombs were heard from the city center. The first was loud enough to shake the windows and set the alarms of nearby cars. Russia strikes the Ukrainian city of Odessa with three Kinzhal missiles fired from a Russian Tu-22 aircraft.. The Ukrainian agency Ukrinform writes that the missiles wounded two people and destroyed five tourist infrastructure buildings. This was announced by the Odessa City Council News Service in a telegram. During the day, Russian troops launched a missile attack on the city during a visit to the city by European Council President Charles Michel and Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Schmidt.

TheUS President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Mario Draghi will talk about “continuing sanctions on Putin and Russia.” And how to continue to assist the Ukrainians. “White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki told a news conference tomorrow about the arrival of the Italian prime minister.”

With attackUkraine, Moscow He responded with “a direct threat near the Russian border” because “an attack was prepared, including in Crimea.” He says Putin During the march Victory Day The Nazis explained that “the horrors of world war must not happen again.” He tells the soldiers that they are fighting “for the protection of our people and the homeland in Donbass.” Russia has always wanted an inseparable security system, but NATO has not listened. Crimea’s “occupation” was a threat on the frontiers, which was unacceptable to us. Putin has no doubt that what he calls a “special military operation” in Ukraine will “make the decision.” “If there was an opportunity to resolve the Ukraine issue peacefully, Russia would have used it,” he added. Although the sky was clear over Moscow, the aerial part of the parade in Moscow was officially canceled due to “weather conditions”. There Letter ZThe infamous symbol of aggression and everywhere in the foreground was almost absent from the march. Zhelensky: ‘He’s like that HitlerWho was cursed by his ancestors. Macron: ‘We are helping Kiev, but we are not at war with Russia. No verbal increase from Putin, now ceasefire. Van der Lion: ‘We aim to comment on joining Kiev in June’. Xi to Scholz: ‘Avoiding escalation of conflict’. Tested in Odessa, Michael was forced to seek asylum. A Pentagon spokesman said: “Putin’s statements that there are Nazis in Ukraine are absurd. There are Ukrainians in Ukraine. John Kirby, At a press conference. “We have indications that the Ukrainians were brought from Ukraine to Russia against their will,” Kirby added, adding that Russian forces were committing “war crimes”. However, the Department of Defense did not specify the number of Ukrainians deported to Russia.

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Putin: ‘The horrors of World War II must not recur’

The air show was canceled
The Russian government today canceled flights scheduled for Victory Day celebrations in Moscow, but also canceled scheduled flights to major cities across the country, including St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don: the decision was made due to bad weather. Surprised foreign military analysts. “It looks incredible – Peter Layton, an expert at the Griffith Asia Institute in Australia and a former Australian Air Force officer and former Australian Air Force officer, told CNN.” From what I saw it seemed sunny. The only reason is strong cross winds. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Moscow exhibition would be canceled due to “weather conditions”. DOS has also canceled shows in Samara, Kaliningrad and Murmansk.

‘Victory Day’ parade

‘Attack plan against us’
Russian President Vladimir Putin started the ceremony: “Comrades, officers, non-commissioned officers, comrades, commanders and admirals, I congratulate you on the 77th anniversary of your great victory. Russia has always supported the creation of an inseparable security system, but NATO did not want to listen to us. The occupation of our historic Crimean lands was a threat to our borders, unacceptable to us. The danger grew day by day, and ours was a preventive measure, a necessary and utterly right decision. ” “The horrors of World War II will never happen againPutin said with the attack on Ukraine Moscow responded to a “direct threat near Russian borders” because “an offensive was prepared, including in Crimea.”

Raid in Odessa, fear for Michael
European Council President Charles Michael’s surprise visit to Odessa today prompted him to seek refuge in an air strike shelter following a warning of a Russian missile attack. The emergency escape was interrupted during his meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Schmidt. EU sources say.

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Zhelensky: ‘Putin as Hitler’
“The war of 2194 days of World War II can only be believed by a madman again”: “Today Hitler is repeating the heinous crimes of the regime, repeating everything they did following the philosophy of the Nazis. He is doomed. Why? Why? He was cursed by millions of ancestors, he was their murderer.” He starts to follow, and then he loses everything. ” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky walks into the center of Kiev on the eve of Victory Day for Nazism, without naming Russian President Vladimir Putin directly.

‘We are not at war with Russia’
“In order to end this war, we have adopted unprecedented sanctions and mobilized unprecedented humanitarian, financial and military means. We are not at war with Russia, we are working for peace on our continent to defend the unity of Ukraine, but only for Ukraine to define the terms of negotiations with Russia. This was stated by the French President Emmanuel Macron while speaking in Strasbourg at the end of the conference.

Access to Kiev
Telephone conversation between EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “On Europe Day we talked about EU support for Ukraine’s European route. We look forward to hearing answers to EU members’ questionnaire.

Risks to the economy
The invasion of Ukraine has exacerbated “further economic uncertainty.” US Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen stressed that “global growth has the potential to continue to be volatile and volatile.”

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