Ukraine, Putin: “American weapons? We crush them like nuts”

US weapons for Ukraine? “We are crushing their air defense systems like nuts.”. These are the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin in anticipation of the interview with Rossiya-1, which will be broadcast throughout tomorrow. “We have destroyed dozens,” Putin said.

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Weapons from the United States – US missiles sent to Ukraine “needed to counter Russian occupation”. These weapons were explained by John Fines, Deputy National Security Adviser. “They will allow the Ukrainians to accurately attack Russian targets on the battlefieldWe think it’s in line with their needs, as Finer repeatedly said about the Himmars missile system, which can launch up to 80 kilometers.

KIEV – May continue talks with Russia Only after the arrival of new weapons in Kiev And Ukraine’s position will be “strengthened”. The ‘conditions’ set by David Arakamiya, a member of the Ukrainian negotiating team, were: “Until there is some major change in the front, I do not see any reason to start further talks.” Speaking of a situation where “negotiations must continue -” one step forward two steps back “ahead – when our negotiation stage is strengthened”, he stressed. More weapons will eventually arrive in sufficient quantities from international partners who “can continue to strengthen it this time around.”

According to Aragamia, “The Armed Forces are ready to use themNew regiments have already been trained and formed. Only then can a new round of negotiations begin“.

Lavrov’s warning Russia warns of long-range US rocket launchers for Ukraine That would extend the war. “Such danger (involvement of third countries) is certain – warns Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov – above all, that the Kiev regime’s very deliberate request from its Western defenders transcends all limits of dignity and diplomatic engagement.

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