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New explosions were heard in Kiev and Kharkiv After 3 a.m., after a few hours of apparent silence. According to reports from Ukrainska Pravda, this was reported by the state communications service on its telegram channel. According to the same sources, a Russian missile struck a residential building in the center of Chernihiv. The building is on fire, but it is not yet known how many people were involved.

Belarus is on the verge of joining Russian troops Ongoing war in Ukraine: citing unspecified “sources”, Kyiv independent reports that Belarus’s entry into the war could take place “within hours”. The decision will be made and the first Ilyushin Il-76 transport aircraft will be loaded with paramedics and depart at 5 am local time. In the past few hours, a constitutional referendum has been held in Belarus to allow Russia to establish nuclear weapons in its territory, but to avoid Belarus’ “military occupation of the region.”

On the brink of a global nuclear crisis, Kiev and Moscow decide to hold talks. As Ukraine is besieged by opposition forces, under the capital’s bombs and at the gateway to the war-torn east of Kharkiv, Vladimir Putin is alerting Russia’s nuclear defense establishment, urging them to meet with delegations on the Pribiat River on Monday. On the outskirts of Belarus. After Alexander Lukashenko allowed the invasion of his territory, a frontier land claimed by the government of Volodymyr Zhelensky for political and security reasons. Moscow’s dramatic acceleration, with the stimulation of the nuclear spectrum, marks a new phase in the strategy of confrontation, with a broader front than ever. The Russian president, who has mobilized military leaders, has announced the danger of drowning the world again in the dream of nuclear war. “I urge the Secretary of Defense and his staff to pay special attention to the Russian military’s response to reports of aggression in the West,” Putin said. Words that suddenly increase the dimension of the crisis. According to the Pentagon, this is an “increase” that could lead to miscalculations and “make things more dangerous.” But the United States is “confident that it can defend itself and its allies.” The real scale of the U.S. security threat is not unbalanced, while Berlin speaks of a move dictated by frustration in the wake of the attack. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also condemned the “aggressive rhetoric”, while the UN Security Council called a new emergency meeting on Monday. It therefore promises that negotiations for a ceasefire will be upward, but very urgent. In an interview “without preconditions”, he promised Zhelensky not to hide the difficulties. “I do not believe much at the end of this meeting, but we will try,” he warned the president, who has become a symbol of the Ukrainian opposition, and he received from Minsk the promise of a fight in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčnegotiations. Kiev’s acceptance of the talks came on the heels of a final warning issued by Moscow, while its foreign minister, Dmitry Kuleba, ruled that the nuclear warning was a way to “put pressure.”

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A series of bombings also led to negotiations. When Moscow brought other tanks and rocket launchers into the country, loud explosions were heard throughout the day in Kiev, and at night the sirens of anti-aircraft alarms began to sound again and again, causing people to rush into the subway-bunker. And other shelters. Zhelensky has refuted allegations of raids on homes, but the Russians have not dropped reports of a dirty war, accusing Ukrainian troops of “torturing some captured Russian soldiers” and using large quantities of phosphorus-loaded ammunition in the suburbs of Kiev, from the Crimean north to the Crimean subcontinent. During these hours, war broke out above all else in Kharkiv, near the Russian border north of Donbass, while separatist fighters continued their advance.After a night of fighting, the Ukrainian army claimed control of the city, but the fighting did not stop and the gas pipeline exploded. .

At least 64 civilians have been killed and more than 170 injured since the invasion began, while hundreds of homes, bridges and roads have been destroyed, while UN agencies and their humanitarian partners have halted operations in Ukraine. But according to the Kiev government, at least 210 civilians have been killed and more than 1,100 injured. “At least 400,000 Ukrainians have entered the EU” and the refugee warning is being strengthened with the risk of more than 7 million displaced persons if the war continues. The more the muscles swell, the more isolated Russia is. One by one, Western nations – including the entire European Union – announced the closure of Moscow. A ban on the abandonment of private jets of oligarchy, as well as a halt to merchant ships, is being assessed. According to Lukashenko, sanctions continue to push “worse than war” and push Putin “toward World War III.” But Europe has now provided military assistance to Kiev and Danish Prime Minister Med Frederickson has expressed his support for volunteers seeking to join international forces with the Ukrainians. By sending 5,000 anti-tank rocket launchers, a historic announcement comes from Sweden repealing the policy of refraining from supplying weapons to conflict states. They have once again destabilized the world.

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