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From Francesco Pattistini, Lorenzo Gromonesi, Andrea Nicastro

Sunday, June 19 News about the war, live.

War broke out in Ukraine 116th day.

Putin’s speech In St. Petersburg Forum: The United States dominates the world.
• தி Resolution 5 star movement sending arms to Ukraine.
Moscow: Old Ukraine with former borders is no more.
பொ Joseph Borel: Russia is using wheat as a threatening tool.
• First lady Olena Zhelenska: Every day two children die in war.
சென்று After moving to Mykolaiv, Zelensky moved to the Odessa region.

06:50 – Stoltenberg: The war will last for many years

The war in Ukraine will last for years, NATO Secretary-General Bildt warned in an interview with the German newspaper Bild on Sunday, urging Western nations to register their support for Kiev over time. We must be prepared to prolong this for many years, said Jens Stoltenberg, adding that we should not weaken support for Ukraine, even if the costs are high, not only in terms of military support, but also due to rising energy and food prices.

00:23 – Lukansk Governor: We are preparing for the worst

Sergei Kaitoy, governor of the Lukansk region of eastern Ukraine, says we must be prepared for the worst. Nominated by President Volodymyr Zhelensky, the 46-year-old is dressed in bulletproof vests, loaded with ammunition and first aid kits, and has a semi-automatic rifle in his possession. In Lysytchansk, there are signs of preparations for street fighting: soldiers dig holes and load barbed wire, and police place burnt vehicles on the streets to slow down traffic. The lives of 10% of Lysitsansk residents who stayed in the city in cellars without a telephone network, running water or electricity are very difficult. We try to keep them out, but some flatly refuse. Only a small percentage believe that the Moscow region will transform into the Russian world. Governor Guido communicates the status of the daily conflict, especially on social networks such as the Telegram or Facebook. We must speak up, we must oppose the Russian propaganda, but we do not abandon them, he insists that the people of the region must understand that I am with them.

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00:01 – Yermak, head of Zhelensky’s office: Russian war crimes online site

Online site for collecting information on war crimes committed by the Russian military in Ukraine. Andrei Yermak, the head of the office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelenzky, announced this in a telegram yesterday, promising: Ukraine will do everything possible to find and punish all. Called the stage Book of Executioners of the Ukrainian People Collects photos of crimes and profiles of the Russian military, their roles and details of what they did in Ukraine.

The site also provides an opportunity to provide information and resources to those who have witnessed a crime. According to the Attorney General of Ukraine, they are currently the subject in Ukraine Investigates 1,700 Russian war crimes cases. The site reports that the Russian military has reported numerous cases of destruction of houses, civilian killings and looting in the occupied territory of Ukraine. Investigations have only just begun, and will continue until the last executioner is found.

00:00 – Arrival at the Zhelensky Mykolive

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Mykolaiv for the first time yesterday, which is seen as a strategy for Russian progress towards Odessa in the south of the country, and has been the target of several attacks in recent days. This was announced by his staff, who are now spreading some details of the visit – one of the rare occasions when President Kiev has left since the beginning of the war. Zelensky, so his staff, visited the building of the region, which was destroyed by a Russian missile. The video was released as Zhelensky took care of the badly damaged building and then met with local officials. Mykolaiv, a port city of nearly half a million people before the war, is still under Ukrainian control, but near the Kherson area, already occupied by the Russians. An effective outpost before the attack on Odessa.

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