Ukraine Russia, News of Today’s War | Johnson’s other rocket launchers en route to Ukraine. Russian ships to Africa with “stolen grain” in Kiev

From Andrea Marinelli and online editorial

Monday, June 6 News about the war, live. The UK will provide 80-kilometer rocket launchers to the Kiev army to counter Russian attacks.

போர் War in Ukraine reaches 103rd day (Index photos of the first 100 days are here)
For more than a month, The war returns to Kiev. Russian bomb blast at a factory in the eastern capital of Ukraine yesterday morning: Military target for Moscow.

70% under Russian control Chevrodonetsk, But within two days they were pushed back, and now the city was divided in half, said Lukansk Governor Sergei Keito.
வீடியோ Video shows the aftermath of the Russian bombing in the city of Lisyansk in the Lukansk region: the headquarters for the distribution of humanitarian aid was leveled.
Supply of new weapons to Kiev by its allies – According to Russian President Vladimir Putin – the only purpose is to prolong the conflict as much as possible. Ukraine has long-range missiles – warning – We will attack new sites. West Kiev: Need continued help until victory.
• d Attacking Rome: Italian anti-Russian campaign. De Mayo responds: Enough mysteries

06:06 – The White House backs Italy’s efforts to end the war

The Biden administration supports the efforts of its allies and partners, including Italy, to end the war in Ukraine. A White House spokesman answered Ansa’s questions about how the US government views the Italian proposal on a four-point ceasefire in Ukraine and how to end the conflict through a negotiated agreement.

05:26 – Ukraine: US warns Russian ships move with stolen grain

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The United States has warned 14 countries that Russian ships, mostly Russian ships in Africa, may be heading for so-called Ukrainian wheat, posing the dilemma of what to do: profit from potential crimes and undesirable. Hundreds of thousands of people are starving as its price rises while rejecting a powerful Western ally or cheap wheat. An embarrassing situation, according to some experts New York Times, Because of the large number of people on the brink of famine and the high reliance on Russian arms purchases, leaving only a second choice for many of these countries. US cable diplomat names three Russian cargo ships suspected of carrying grain The warning, raised by Washington, reinforces the Ukrainian government’s accusation that Moscow stole $ 500,000 tons of grain worth $ 100 million, shipped it to ports in the Crimea and then loaded it onto ships.

01:18 – Ukraine: UK confirms launch of rocket launchers to Kiev

The UK will provide rocket launchers with a range of 80 kilometers to Ukraine to counter Russian attacks. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense. These M270 MLRS systems will significantly enhance the capabilities of the Ukrainian forces, the ministry said in a statement. This decision was made in close coordination with Washington. British Defense Minister Ben Wallace has said that Ukraine can win if the international community maintains its support. Russia’s strategy is changing, and our support must change, he added, adding that new weapons would allow the Ukrainians to better defend themselves against the brutal use of long-range artillery. . UK military support for Ukraine has so far exceeded 7 750 million.

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00:46 – Ukraine: Governor, 60% of the province of Saporizia is in Russian hands

Nearly 60% of the province of Zaporizhia is occupied by Russian troops: this was quoted by Governor Alexander Stork. Kiev Freedom. Speaking to visiting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky yesterday, Stork explained that the Russians had destroyed more than 2,700 infrastructure sites in Oblast and that 77 cities and villages in the region were without electricity due to the fighting.

10:01 pm – Closed sky: Lavrov cancels trip to Belgrade

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was forced to cancel a planned trip to Serbia after several Eastern European countries refused to allow his plane to pass through. Bulgaria, northern Macedonia and Montenegro closed the sky. Belgrade has been maintaining allegiance to the Kremlin in recent months.

20:11 – Kiev: In 5 days the Russians will try to level Lukansk

Over the next five days, the Russians will try to level the Lukansk region. They have no other trick, otherwise they can not fight. So is Governor Sergei Guido, UNIAN reported. According to him, it is currently impossible to get out of Chevroletonetsk. There are about 15,000 people in the city. Kaidoi explained that 98 people had been rescued today from Lisiansk. We expect in the future that all reserves, all equipment and all personnel available to the Russians will be responsible for taking over Lukansk. Since 2014, when Russia occupied a part of Lukansk, Severdonetsk was a regional center and he explains that for the Russians it would be a “sellable” victory for the soldiers and the people, Keito said.

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20:10 – Zhelensky visits the front line troops in Zaporizhia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi visited Zaporizhzhia today, where he met with displaced people from Mariupol. This was stated by Kyrilo Tymoshenko, Vice President of the Office of the President, according to Ukrainform. During his visit to the region, the Kiev leader also inspected some key positions of the army. I want to thank you for your tremendous work, for your service, for protecting all of us, our state. Thanks to all, Zhelensky told the military.

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