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Minute by minute news about the war on Wednesday, March 16th

On the twenty-first day of the war, Ukraine was suspended between a diplomatic breakthrough (new talks today) and the reality of the Russian hammer.
Ukrainian President Zhelensky yesterday acknowledged that his country would not join NATO. Putin’s answer: Uraina is not serious and does not want an acceptable solution. Zhelensky will address the US Congress today.
முதல் The first scenes of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia, Mateusz Morawiecki, Petr Fiala and Janez Jansa went to Kiev yesterday.
In Kiev, Besieged by Russian forces, A total of 36 hours of curfew imposed by Ukrainian authorities continues. Mariupol is under siege, bombs on Odessa
The International Court of Justice in The Hague today rules on Ukraine’s appeal against Russia since the invasion began. Marta Serafini writes that the attacked country condemns a genocide.
பிறகு After American filmmaker Brent Renaud, two other casualties: Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakhrzewski and Ukrainian journalist Alexandra Kuvshinova died in a similar accident near Kiev, in which American TV reporter Benjamin was seriously injured. Hall, his leg amputated.

06.57 – The Russians attack Mariupol from the sea, firing rockets against the besieged city

The Russians began to attack the city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine, which had been besieged by the sea for several days. The launch of the rockets, as explained by local officials, took place from Russian ships that landed near the village of Plosariska Kosa.

06.50am – Explosions at Zaporizhia train station

Some eruptions were recorded in Saporizia, in southeastern Ukraine, where Europe’s largest nuclear power plant is located. This was announced by the Secretary of the City Council of Zaforjia Anatoly Gurdev, who explained that there was an explosion at the train station.

06.15am – Explosions are reported in Kiev

Some Twitter users have filmed smoke columns in several locations hit by Russian missiles.

05.27 – UN, Ukraine risk burning 18 years of economic progress

Ukraine could lose 18 years of economic progress due to the spread of the conflict, with 90% of the population already living in poverty or at risk of falling into it in the next 12 months: a warning launched by the United Nations Development Program (Unpd). UN These estimates, originally drawn up by the agency, indicate that one-third of Ukrainians will fall below the poverty line next year, 14 times higher than predicted before the Russian invasion. And 62% are at higher risk of poverty. Although the immediate need for immediate humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainians – UNPD executive Achim Steiner explained – the serious implications for the development of the protracted conflict are clear. The destruction of infrastructure, roads, bridges, hospitals and schools is also weighing.

01.50 am – Russian ships bomb Odessa, injuring two

At least two people have been killed and at least two injured in a bomb blast near the southern port city of Odessa. The Kiev Independent quoted local officials as saying. News of the attack, including the 120-meter-long Pyotr Morkunov ship, came after satellites detected 14 ships approaching Odessa from Moscow’s northern navy.

01.39 am – Explosions are heard in the suburbs of Kiev

An explosion was heard on the outskirts of Kiev, and again air strike sirens sounded. This was reported by the CNN team in the field. The explosions started after dark.

01.20 – Zhelensky, positions in negotiations are very realistic but time consuming

Meetings continue. I have been informed that the positions in the negotiations appear to be very realistic. However, more time is needed to make decisions for the benefit of Ukraine. In a speech just before 2 a.m. local time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky called for talks between Kiev and Moscow.

00.04 – The Wall Street Journal: Biden announces $ 1 billion military aid to Kiev

US President Joe Biden is expected to announce $ 1 billion in new military aid to the Ukrainian government. The Wall Street Journal writes it. The aid includes new supplies of the same type of military equipment that the United States says it most desperately needs for Ukrainians: anti-war and anti-aircraft systems, including portable air defenses such as the Javelin and Stinger.

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