Ukraine Russia, News of Today’s War | US 007 Alarm. Moscow can use nuclear weapons

From Lorenzo Gromonesi, Andrea Nicastro and Pavlo Fosci

News of the war, live on Thursday, June 30th

War broke out in Ukraine 127th day.
The Russians continue to put pressure on Lysychansk. Kiev forces have no weapons, no ammunition and no Inevitable devices like night vision glasses.

US007: Will Moscow use the atomic bomb? Possibility. Exchange of new prisoners: 144 Ukrainian soldiers were released, including 95 fighters from the Azov Regiment.
NATO will increase its presence in Europe: Another US battalion and anti-aircraft defense organization is coming to Italy. Drake quickly left the summit.
Stoltenberg: Allies ready for war. We knew about the invasion in October and we worked to prevent it.
• Zelensky yesterday welcomed Indonesian President and billionaire Richard Branson.

07:45 – Putin: Russia’s target Release the Donbass

(Luca Angelini from Prima Ora) Putin said yesterday that special military action in Ukraine (read Occupy) was Russia’s target. Release the Donbass. From Kiev, Ambassador Andrea Nicastro However, US Director of Intelligence Avril Haynes disagreed: we should expect everything from Moscow. Putin did not abandon the idea of ​​capturing the whole of Ukraine. And he adds: It took the Russians many years to recover. They can progress, but in a limited way and can be frustrating Incites them to cyber attacksE to control energy networks Even the use of the atomic bomb. For their part, the Ukrainians were able to stabilize the front and reclaim part of the south. The war will be long.
(Military point here By Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olympio)

Nicastro says that in the largest exchange of prisoners since the invasion, 144 Ukrainian soldiers were released from Moscow in exchange for the same number of Russians. Among the Ukrainians were 95 guards of Mariupol, 43 of whom were Azov battalions. Broken tab. Although 144 people were seriously injured, it is not an inevitable goal to bring them to trial.

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07:38 am – Parama-Putinist Badrushev, clown Medvedev and others. Who is really important in Moscow?

(Marco Imarcio) Almost all the president’s men. After all how much they weigh. Those are the inevitable months Gremlinology exercises have become a kind of journal supplement, With predictions related to the new jar in case Vladimir Putin is abandoned or worse. Novaya Gazette, the newspaper that directed the award Nobel Dmitry Muradov
, Did another operation. In its online version, which is now only possible, it has been left to some political scientists to assess the true relevance of the characters who play the role of warlords and enemies of the West.

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Let’s start with two media villains equally special, Ramzan Kadyrov
And Dmitry Medvedev
, Two men who greet creation every morning with even more aggressive words against Russia’s enemies. Chechen leader Putin praised himself with his usual harsh tones as a bad lieutenant. But there is no denying how the Ukraine war gives him the opportunity to step out of the shadow of the regional leader and carve out a key role at the federal level. He had no chance to replace him, but at least he became the president’s spokesman. On the other hand, the dolphin of the former Jars is a counter-metaphor. Medvedev agrees with Novaya Gazeta’s expert forum. A better future behind us, and a worse present. His image no longer belongs to politics, he has become Some kind of media clown For example, says analyst Nikolai Petrov.

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06:09 – Russians: We check all access routes to Lisichansk

Lyczynsk and all roads from there are controlled by troops of the Russian Federation and by the rebels of the self-proclaimed Lukansk Republic, with Lysyansk-Artyomovsk street completely closed. This was announced by Russian official Rodion Miroshnik, according to Rhea Novosti. The territory of the Lysyansk refinery came under the complete control of Russian forces.

06:07 – Zelensky shows video evidence of the attack on the mall

Volodymyr Zhelensky shows evidence of deliberate missile strikes by Russia At the Kremenchuck Shopping Center. No one would dare to lie about this, said the President of Ukraine when he showed pictures of a missile hitting a facility from a security camera dated June 27th.

06:03 am – New anti-aircraft defense system arrives in Italy from the United States

Weapons and soldiers towards the east. NATO shifts military attraction to Russia and Belarus in retaliation for Vladimir Putin The Madrid summit, which began today, Wednesday, June 29, will mark a historic turning point that will change the geo-political balance even within the alliance. US-led operation. US President Joe Biden has announced a series of moves. Most of the U.S. troops will be on German bases, but Poland is gaining weight and will permanently run the headquarters of the Fifth Corps of Advanced Command. In general, the United States would transfer a military force from Germany to Lithuania; Air Infantry Division from Italy to Latvia; Parts of a regiment of rowdies from Germany to Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary; Patriot missile batteries back from Germany to Slovakia and Poland and finally some F-15 flights from Great Britain to Poland. This is not enough. The Pentagon will intensify cyclical changes and increase operational readiness for combat units in Poland, the Baltic states, and Romania. The other two ships are arriving at Ruta’s naval base in Spain, numbered six. Is this Italy? A short-range air defense battery of about 70 soldiers, a subdivision of a battalion stationed in Germany, is coming.

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06:01 – Ukrainian army in trouble due to technical gap

The Russians continue to put pressure LyciansanskDonbass area where Ukrainians settled After leaving Severdonetsk. They have been out for the past few hours Dangerous news and distribution links are at risk. A dangerous situation for security guards who have to solve equipment problems. Army The Ukrainians complained that they did not have a sufficient number of night vision goggles. I In combat, in raids, in a different process is essential. As in other countries, the United States has provided thousands of shipments made by individuals. But they do not seem to be enough. In March, articles were published claiming that the devices supplied with the resistance were better than the invaders.
Now the story has turned upside down, they confirmThe idea of ​​a common difficulty, is not limited Ammunition required And heavy weapons. It will continue. Norway will send three more long-range missiles (many shot down), while security sources reveal that Kiev has purchased 50 Turkish TB2 attack drones since the beginning of the conflict and that more planes are expected to arrive in July. Holland and Germany have pledged another 6 long-range PzH 2000 self-propelled guns.

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06:00 AM – General Amnesty: Attack on Mariupol Theater is a war crime

The destruction of the Mariupol Theater, Where hundreds of Ukrainian civilians have taken refuge, has been classified as a war crime committed by the Russian armed forces. This was stated in a statement issued by Amnesty International. The text also speculates that the number of victims may have been lower than initially believed. Amnesty spoke to dozens of survivors and witnesses from the March 16 bombings and collected evidence, including photos, videos and satellite images. Analysis of the impact of the missiles in the theater recommended the detonation of 400-800 kg of explosives. That’s why Amnesty said it was two bombs weighing 500kg.

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05:45 – 007 US: Putin may have used nuclear weapons

As war breaks out in Ukraine, Russia may use nuclear weapons. This was stated by US intelligence number one Avril Haynes while speaking at a trade conference. Intelligence number one explained that during this period Vladimir Putin’s forces could have relied on other means such as cyber attacks, energy threats or nuclear weapons.

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05:44 – Gasprom will increase gas supply to Kaliningrad

Gasprom will increase gas supply to the Baltic Exclamation of Kaliningrad. The Guardian reports that after a meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, regional governor Anton Alikhanov issued a statement. The two discussed strengthening the energy security of the Russian region on the border between Poland and Lithuania. In recent weeks, Lithuanian authorities have imposed a ban on the movement of goods to Kaliningrad, subject to EU sanctions. Two days ago, the Lithuanian parliament passed a law banning Russian gas imports. However, the text authorizes Russian suppliers to use the country’s infrastructure to transport gas to Kaliningrad.

05:41 – Putin: If NATO stops troops in Sweden and Finland, we will respond

President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia would retaliate if NATO sent troops and infrastructure after joining the US-led military alliance in Finland and Sweden. Sweden and Finland want to join NATO? On Russian state television, Putin reiterated what they were doing – quoted by the Guardian, underlining how they should understand that there was no threat before, while now that military groups and infrastructure were stationed there, we must respond in the same way. Create threats equal to the areas where threats come to us.

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