Ukraine Russia, News of Today’s War | Zaporizhzhia: Plant workers were abducted. US, G7 demand for new measures for Russia

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Thursday, June 23 News about the war, live. Zaporizhzhia Mayor: Employees were electrocuted and tortured. Energy at the heart of the next G7 summit. Two grain terminals were bombed in the Ukrainian port city of Mykolayiv

War broke out in Ukraine 120th day.
The green light of the room for a majority resolution after the exchange of information with the Prime Minister in the view of the Council of Europe.
ஒன்று One of Russia’s largest oil refineries a few kilometers from the Ukrainian border was attacked by Kiev forces on Wednesday by two drones and then extinguished the fire.
அதிபர் Chinese President Xi Jinping warned against expanding military ties. Before the Virtual BRICS Summit.
Moscow is assessing the cuts in the supply of electricity to Lithuania, following the restrictions imposed on freight traffic in Lithuania. Kaliningrad.

In An exclusive interview, Boris Johnson reiterated that there was no time to stop the West. Putin must fail.

07:04 – Biden proposes another round of sanctions against Russia for the G7

(Giuseppe Sarcina, Washington Correspondent) Joe Biden Propose to partners G7 Take another round Sanctions against Russia. The news comes directly from one of the White House advisers who spoke to reporters at a conference call on Wednesday night, June 22nd. For now, there are no other official details. It is speculated that the new restrictions in Washington will mainly affect financial services and some Russian exports. For obvious reasons, wheat and other basic food items will be out.

As explained by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in an interview released today, the US President intends to renew Western support for Ukraine with the full support of the United Kingdom. Thursday 23, first Courier
. Janet Yellen, secretary of the Treasury and director of operations, firmly believes that the Russian economy is heading for an increasingly severe crisis. That is why, even in the United States, Yellen suggested that Biden should insist on sanctions, without heeding the myriad analyzes that show Moscow’s opposition beyond expectations. Sanctions, however, have a political function: to prove to Volodymyr Zhelensky that Western leaders are listening to his demands. The President of Ukraine will be the hero of the upcoming summit. He will speak with a video link to the G7 summit in Germany starting on Sunday 26th and the NATO summit in Madrid on June 29th.

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06:06 – Ukraine: Two large agricultural terminals bombed in Mykolayiv

New Russian bombings in southern Ukraine. Two grain terminals are the agro-food multinationals Pange and Vittera Mykolive Port City, They were shot dead in the Russian attack. The Evry port terminal, owned by Vittera, was damaged by a missile attack during which one person was slightly injured, a group spokesman said, adding that two pits had caught fire and a third had been damaged. The site, purchased in 2020 by Vittera’s parent company Glencore, has a storage capacity of 160,000 tons.

As for Bunge, its facilities were damaged during recent Russian attacks in the region, a spokesman said. A more thorough study is needed to assess the exact impact on the structure. The terminal, which has been closed since the first day of the Russian invasion on February 24, has no crew members injured and includes a storage base, a shipload and a vegetable oil production unit.

06:00 – Mayor Zaporizhia: Some nuclear power plant workers are abducted

Many people in the southern Ukrainian city of Enerhodor, where it is located Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Station, They were abducted by the Russians who controlled it, including the factory workers. Mayor Dimitrov Orlov condemned it Defender. The whereabouts of some of them are unknown. The conditions of others were very harsh: the mayor denounced being tortured and physically and morally abused by electric shock.

05:57 – Interview with Boris Johnson: The West does not allow the exhaustion of war. Putin must fail

Nice to meet you, Boris !: Johnson introduced himself at a meeting on Downing Street for an interview with a courier. He took his place under the large portrait of Prime Minister Margaret ThatcherAt one time he toured the horizon, in the Iron Lady’s personal office Ahead of the G7 summits in Germany and NATO Madrid. Definitely focused War in Ukraine And Johnson’s message to allies is clear: This is not the time to stop.
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05:53 – Energy will be the central theme of the G7

The G7 will be at the center of negotiations in Germany Energy theme, Its costs are rising worldwide due to the war in Ukraine. The confirmation came from the White House ahead of US President Joe Biden’s trip to Europe for the G7 and NATO summits. US government sources said the global economic situation would also be discussed.

05:48 – Xi attacks NATO and supports Putin: sanctions? A boomerang

(Guido Sandewecci) How was Vladimir Putin isolated? BRICS Summit (Briefly Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) Tsar subsidies The possibility of escaping the definition of world baria, A large international crowd is present in the light for the first time since the invasion of Ukraine. Of course, the only virtual face-to-face between Putin, Chinese friend Xi Jinping, Brazilian Jair Paulsonaro, Narendra Modi of India and Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa: G, the current president and landlord, has given himself only to video conferencing since the January 2020 outbreak of the corona virus. But BRICS can claim an important weight: Five countries represent 40% of the world’s population And 23% of global GDP.
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05:40 – Finland: Russia is ready to fight if it attacks us

Commander of the Finnish Armed Forces, Timo GivinenPromised that His country is ready for a Russian offensive If it happens, cause strong opposition. Ukraine was hard to cock (for Russia) e How is Finland He stressed that Helsinki had systematically developed military defenses precisely for this type of war being waged there.

05:38 – Ukraine resolution, green light to the room with 410 seconds

The Chamber of the Chamber green light for the majority resolution on the Prime Minister’s communications Mario Tracy In the view of the Council of Europe. In the same speech that was rejected by the Senate yesterday, the document confirming Italy’s commitment to support Ukraine was approved by 410 votes in favor of Montecitorio, 29 votes against and 34 abstentions (Fdi).

05:35 – Moscow: Ukrainian drone fires at Rostov refinery

One of the largest oil refineries in southern Russia – Novoshaktinsk plant in the Rostov region, A few kilometers from the border with Ukraine – a fire broke out this morning when a drone struck. The international media has reported this. According to one version, the fire was caused by a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) attack, the governor of the region Vasily Kolubev wrote in a telegram, where fragments of a drone were found. According to the agency InterfoxThe fire was extinguished.

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