Ukraine Russia, News of Today’s War | Zhelensky: “Russia is a terrorist state”. Sweden and Finland in NATO: Yes, from Turkey

From Lorenzo Gromonesi and Andrea Nicastro

News of the war, live on Wednesday, June 29th. Zhelensky number: 2,811 Russian missiles have already hit our cities since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

War broke out in Ukraine 126th day.
பச்சை Signs of green light for Turkey to enter Sweden and Finland into NATO, Madrid. Biden: NATO’s main weapon against Russia.
RainianUkrainian probably still opposes in Lysychansk and yes Fighting in Gerson. The Russians threw Dinibro, Kharkiv and bombs Mycolive.

They thrive in US administration Doubts about Kiev’s ability to reclaim lost territory.

Zelensky met Sean Penn yesterday: Thanks for the support.
No survivors were found under the rubble Shopping mall in Kremensuk Attacked Monday: The dead left at least 20, dozens injured.
UN And the removal of the wheat and barley ban: near the moment of truth.
Medvedev: Born in the Crimea? That would be World War III.

07:33 am – Attack on Kremenchuk Shopping Center

A tweet from Kiev Freedom President Zhelensky takes video showingMissile attack on Kremensuk shopping center.

07:20 – UN Zhelensky called on Russia to withdraw from the Security Council: the terrorist state

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr ZhelenskyListening Russia should be excluded from the United Nations Security Council And should stop participating in the general meeting of the organization. According to the President of Ukraine, Article 6 of the UN Charter clearly states that any member of the United Nations who violates the principles set forth in the Charter may be expelled from the body by the decision of the General Assembly.

Russia has not yet been prosecuted for violating UN fundamental principles and international law. Presence in organizations and UN. Has been enjoying the privileges of the Security Council, the UN Security Council last night. . According to the Ukrainian president, Russia has no right to participate in the organization’s discussions and referendums on war in Ukraine, which are unprovoked and colonial. I urge you to seize the powers of the terrorist state in the United Nations General Assembly: Necessary, OK. UN Zhelensky said Russia has no right to continue on the Security Council.

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06:58 – Conflict with Moscow over Drake’s participation in the G20

(Alessandro Trosino from Prima Ora) It suffers when elephants fight on the grass. Mario Tracy He cites an African proverb that helps to add morality to the G7 summit in Germany, which includes so-called smaller countries: from Argentina to South Africa, Indonesia to Senegal, and India. After all, the Prime Minister says with a very neutral approach to war, because so far they have not been approached, but rather they want to get involved. The teaching of the proverb – writes reporter Marco Calloso – so as Draki says it can be expressed as follows: If nations feel the grass, they suffer. And it’s hard to tell them to participate.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya Indonesia to host G20 summit in October
And Russia’s presence must be reconciled with other states. Very sensitive issue, so unexpected conflict develops. To our first Indonesian President Widodo has ruled out Putin’s presence at the G20 summit. He was definitely with us, Putin will not come, maybe he will interfere in the distance. The Russians replied It can’t be decided by Draghi. He probably forgot that he was not the G20 leader, and the call for Putin was accepted and accepted. Ambassador Sergei Rasov He adds: Despite the pressure, most Italian companies continue to operate in the Russian market.

According to the Prime Minister, Galluzzo writes that the days spent in Germany have hit the mark. Drake was very keen to strengthen a path Gas price is approaching the limit: He succeeded, the European Commission will take swift action in working on a plan and G7 Energy Ministers will urgently study effective ways to keep the ceiling on the prices of all Russian hydrocarbons.

G7 Summit

Unit The most important message, launched by the G7, which closed yesterday in the Bavarian Alps, is that the West will be united in its political and military support for Ukraine and will continue to impose severe and immediate economic costs. To Russia. Vladimir Putin should not win this war, German Chancellor Olaf Scholes has said that the only way out of the conflict is for the Kremlin leader to accept his defeat.

Price ceiling However, at a definite level, new measures are still being explored. In particular, the price range, Limit of purchase price of Russian hydrocarbons, Agreed in principle in the final report, but all yet to be defined in practical details and technical possibilities. On the oil and gas proposed by the United States, the demand was put on hold for some time by Mario Tragi. The idea is to prevent Moscow from exploiting the war-induced increase in energy prices in Ukraine. And on Ban on gold imports Russia will have to wait until the move, which has already been adopted by the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan, is unanimously approved by the European Union.

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World hunger Leaders of 7 countries have pledged to allocate $ 4.5 billion to alleviate hunger in the world. The UN World Food Program has set a minimum of $ 21 billion for this year, a number that humanitarian organizations consider completely inadequate. மற்றும் Wheat and Grains According to Prime Minister Troy on the rise in wheat and grain prices, Russia has acknowledged that Ukraine, Turkey and the United Nations are involved in all three routes of shipping raw materials from Ukrainian ports.

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03:05 – Birth: Johnson, increase defense spending for allies

His staff said yesterday that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson would urge his NATO allies at the Madrid summit to increase defense spending in retaliation for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “We need allies, all partners, to ensure security for the next decade,” Johnson told a summit today, his office said in a statement. On a flight to Madrid, the British Prime Minister said a conflict within NATO was needed on a new target for defense investment after 2024. NATO must face new and emerging threats with long-term investment and a willingness to increase. The UK government has said in a statement that defense spending is being met in response to emergencies and emergencies.

11:53 pm – Zhelensky: So far 2,811 missiles have hit our cities.

As of tonight, the total number of Russian missiles hitting our cities is already 2,811. How many more air bombs, how many artillery shells? Today, the UN Security Council stood up and paid tribute to the memory of all Ukrainians who were killed. Members of the Russian delegation looked back at everyone in the council room and decided to stand up so as not to look like real killers. But everyone knows the Russian terrorism that is massacring innocent people in this war against the Ukrainian people. These are the words of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky in an evening video.

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10:01 pm – Zhelensky at UN: Sending commission of inquiry to Kremensuk

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has suggested that the UN send a commission of inquiry to the Kremensk to investigate missile strikes on civilians. He was speaking at a video conference at a meeting of the Ukrainian Security Council. The leader asked for a minute of silent tribute for the victims.

Zhelensky reiterated that Russia has no right to continue on the UN Security Council. Nowhere else in the world is an organization like Russia targeting civilians referred to as a terrorist. Which of you does not agree that Russia’s targeting of citizens and civilian infrastructure is terrorism?

22:00 – Russian civilians killed and 8 wounded in Russian attacks in Kiev, Donetsk

A Russian bomber struck today in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk, killing one civilian and wounding eight others. The governor announced Pavlo GirilenkoQuotedUkrainska Pravda, Says the raids hit the area of ​​Avtivka. In addition, a civilian died after being admitted to hospital in Gramadorsk with seven others injured in previous attacks in the nearby Lukansk region.

9:08 pm – Six UN members condemn the Kremensuk attack

Six members of the UN Security Council (United States, Great Britain, France, Norway, Ireland and Albania), along with Ukraine, condemned the attacks on civilians in the Kremens. The six reaffirmed their full support for Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity, condemning Russia’s intensification of missile strikes targeting civilian infrastructure and residential areas. They also condemned violations of international humanitarian law He reiterated that the Geneva Convention should be respected.

20:23 – Turkey gives green light to Sweden and Finland to enter NATO

Turkey withdraws veto between Sweden and Finland to join NATO All three countries have signed a memorandum of understanding in Madrid. Signed in the presence of the NATO Secretary General, Jens StoltenbergOf the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip ErdoganOf the President of Finland Sauli Ninisto And the Swedish Prime Minister Margaret AndersonAt the end of the meeting, which lasted nearly four hours.

Turkey got what it asked for from talks on NATO membership in Sweden and Finland: full cooperation from Helsinki and Stockholm against PKK and its allies.

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