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It struggles 60th day War and it is not a day like any other. Vladimir Putin exactly two months ago Ordered to begin the invasion Then killed thousands and caused massive destruction. This year’s anniversary coincides with Orthodox Easter, which did not lead to the expected ceasefire: the Russian president took part in a prayer vigil in Moscow during the rise of terrorism in Ukraine. Especially around In Mariupol New was discovered there Common was: Martyrs killed 28,000 civilians in the city. US Secretary of State today Anthony Blingen, And Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will be in Kiev. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky thanked Prime Minister Drake for his support of Italy: “I will wait here.”

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12.00 Kiev, two other children killed in Donetsk

The last two young Ukrainian victims were 14 and 5 years old. The governor of the region Pavlo Grilenko said in a tweet that they were killed in Donetsk, where their house was destroyed during the fighting between the Russians and the Ukrainians. According to Ukrainian officials, in the last two weeks, Moscow has intensified its attacks in the Donbass region, with daily fierce fighting in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. According to the latest UN report updated on April 21, 184 children have been killed and 286 injured since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

11.50 Attempts are underway for a new sidewalk in Kiev, Mariupol

A new effort is underway to open a humanitarian corridor in Mariupol: Deputy Prime Minister Irina Verresch announced in the Telegram that operations would begin at 12 noon local time (11 in Italy). Reports on the BBC website.
The expelled citizens will be taken to Zaporizhia. Past attempts to open the corridors have failed, with Kiev and Moscow blaming each other. Vereschuk warned the public and asked them to “be careful and vigilant”: the danger – he said – was that the Russians could arrange a “parallel corridor leading to the Russian territories”.

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11.19 Attack on the Azostel steel plant continues east

The Ukrainian military has said Russian forces continued to attack the east. On the 60th day of the war, Russian troops opened fire on Ukrainian positions, and Russian forces intensified offensive and offensive operations in the direction of Sverdlovsk.


10.56 In Kiev, Moscow, accept the ‘real Easter fight’

Mikhail Bodolyak, a senior Ukrainian negotiator and adviser to President Gelensky, urged Moscow today to accept the “real Easter ceasefire” on the Orthodox holiday, “immediately open the humanitarian corridor to the public” and an “immediate” response. The special cycle of negotiations “facilitates the exchange of military and civilian.” Russia continues to attack Azovstol in Mariupol. The location of our civilians and soldiers is being targeted by heavy aerial bombardment, artillery fire and intense concentrations of attacking forces and equipment, “Bodoliac wrote on Twitter.

10.40 Ukraine: Two missiles fired on the way to Kiev, Odessa

Ukrainian forces have shot down two Russian missiles fired from the Black Sea into Odessa, according to the Kiev Air Force Southern Command.

10.05 The father of the girl killed in Odessa releases photos of the Odessa child

Valeria is a new mother, three months old to her daughter Craw. Russia fired a missile at the Odessa building where they lived. Valeria’s husband and Craw’s father, Yuri, posted these photos.

10.02 Guterres will meet with Erdogan in Turkey tomorrow

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said he will be in Turkey tomorrow and will travel to Moscow and then to Kiev. In Turkey he meets with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

9.38 The Russians deploy 20 ships and submarines with missiles in the Black Sea.

The threat of an attack on the coast of Ukraine by a Russian naval team stationed in the Black Sea Operational Zone with about 20 ship missiles and submarines.

9.34 Putin at Easter midnight in Moscow

President Vladimir Putin attended the Patriotic Grill Celebration with the Mayor of Moscow

9.17 London, “Significant losses and low morale as Russian military progresses”

Strong Ukrainian opposition on all fronts has caused significant losses to Russian forces, which are advancing. Less Russian morale and less time to rebuild, reorganize and reorganize forces after previous attacks can weigh on war performance.

07.50 Russian ballistic missiles 60 kilometers from the border

The Russians placed Iskander short-range ballistic missiles 60 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. This was reported by Ukrainian civil servants, according to which Moscow troops are bombing Ukrainian positions with motors, artillery and rocket launchers across the front line in Donetsk.

07.35 8 killed in Russian attack on Lugansk

Eight people have been killed in recent Russian attacks in the Lugansk region. This was stated by the Governor of Oblast, Cherie Kaidoi.

07.13 8 apartments were recaptured in the Kiev region of Kiev

Ukrainian armed forces have recaptured eight settlements south of Kersan, the capital of which is under Russian control. This was reported by the Southern Operations Command of the Kiev Forces, according to the Kiev Independent.

06.00 Argentina, we will not impose unilateral sanctions

Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Kafiro told the national news agency Telecom that the Argentine government did not see sanctions against Russia as a good way to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. Kafiro noted that Argentina’s laws “do not even allow for the imposition of unilateral sanctions.” Argentina, on the other hand, proposes a return to negotiations, calming the situation. Peace, dialogue and diplomatic talks, “the minister said

05.15 Atomic Energy Company: Seeks assistance from Kiev for its power plants

‘Ukraine has provided the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) with a complete list of equipment that Kiev claims for the safe and secure operation of its nuclear facilities during the current conflict,’ said Rafael Mariano Grozi, director general of the agency. The comprehensive equipment requirements provided will allow the agency to effectively coordinate and implement support for Ukraine. Many IAEA member states have indicated their readiness to provide such assistance to the country.

03.55. Moscow: 90 foreign nationals held hostage on ships

Ninety foreigners have been held hostage in Ukraine “by humanitarians as human shields.” This was stated by Colonel General Mikhail Mijintsev, head of the Russian National Security Management Center. “Ukrainian nationalists continue to hold 90 foreigners from 5 states hostage as human shields,” Mizintsev was quoted as saying by the Russian news agency Tass. According to the official, 76 foreign ships from 18 states are still stranded in seven Ukrainian ports and could not sail “due to the threat of bombings and the danger of landmines created by Kiev.”

03.18 UN meets with Guterres Erdogan: “Turkey has a key role to play”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is due to travel to Turkey on Monday to play a key role in Russia’s war against Ukraine. The UN said in a statement that the visit preceded the cities of Moscow and Kiev. “The Secretary-General will travel to Ankara, Turkey, where he will be received by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on April 25,” he told the UN. Guterres’ mission will continue to Moscow on Tuesday, where he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and then try to mediate the end of the Russian invasion of Kiev on Thursday.

01.15 Kiev: “Moscow threatens chemical attack on Odessa”

Moscow says Ukraine’s special services are planning a provocative chemical operation at the port of Youssef in Odessa, accusing the Russian armed forces and targeting civilians. A report describes Kiev as a threat disguised as a threat: according to Kyiv Independent, Russian forces want to launch a chemical attack on a Ukrainian port.

00.35 Paris, EU suspends Russian oil in a few weeks

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Myre has announced that the European Union will impose a complete ban on Russian oil in a few weeks. In an interview with the television channel Bfmtv, taken by Kyiv Independent, Le Maire said it would help Russia stop the flow of foreign currency.


00.10 $ 1.6 billion worth of weapons from Poland

Poland has supplied about $ 1.6 billion worth of weapons to Ukraine. Piotr Muller, head of the Warsaw government’s press office, writes on Twitter what Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced during the #StopRussiaNOW initiative conference. M ஆதரவுller concludes his support for “defending the sovereignty of Ukraine, Poland and Europe.”

00.01 Six civilians killed in Russian bombing in Lukansk province

The governor said six civilians were killed in a Russian bombing in a village in Lukansk province. “The village of Kirksey was subjected to heavy Russian bombardment throughout the day,” Governor Seri Kaitoy said in a telegram on Twitter. This was reported by the BBC, which insisted that the information could not be verified independently.

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