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The negotiating channel remains open, although conditions that could not give hope for a speedy ceasefire still seem far away. Then First meeting, Representatives of Russia and Ukraine will meet again, this time on the border between Belarus and Poland. In the meantime Vladimir Putin He set his conditions: in a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron he acknowledged the neutrality of Ukraine and Russian sovereignty over Crimea. For his part, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky Signed a petition for immediate accession to the European Union Brussels slows down. And the war continues: several Ukrainian cities, including Kiev, have been bombed again. Heavy Attack on Kharkiv, Residential areas have been targeted and civilian casualties have been reported. As the days go by, the humanitarian emergency worsens: Hundreds of thousands of people They are leaving Ukraine and pushing the borders of the European Union. Meanwhile, the increase International sanctions Against Moscow, this puts the Russian economic system in trouble.


04.40 Mayor of Kiev: “The capital is under constant attack”

Kiev is under “relentless” attack by Russian troops: the mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitaly Klitschko told CNN, insisting that the city could resist “for a long time”.

04.34 Japan will freeze assets of Putin and the Central Bank of Russia

Japan will freeze the assets of Russian leaders, including Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and the assets of several companies, including the Russian Central Bank.

04.30 Anti-aircraft sirens at Rivne and Vinnitsia

Anti-aircraft sirens in Rivne and Vinnitsia some time ago. He reports it Kiev Freedom. Residents have to go to the nearest shelter.

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04.07 Warner cancels Russian premiere of “The Batman”

Warner canceled the Russian premiere of “The Batman” originally scheduled for Friday.

03.30 Disney blocks distribution of its films to Russia

Walt Disney has announced on Twitter that it will suspend the distribution of its films in Russian theaters due to the situation in Ukraine.

02.25 World Rugby: Russia and Belarus out

Russia and Belarus have been banned from any international rugby matches “until further notice”. This was decided by the World Rugby Board as a “complete and immediate” sanction. Russia’s member of the same World Rugby team has been suspended indefinitely, which will definitely affect any chance of qualifying for next year’s World Cup in France.

01.54 60 km Russian military convoy heading towards Kiev

According to Maxar Technologies’ new satellite imagery, the convoy of Russian military vehicles on the outskirts of Kiev is more than 60 km long. CNN News has published. The military column was made up of armored vehicles, tanks, artillery pieces and other logistics vehicles. The convoy extends north from Antonov Airport, north of Pribirsk.

Mud, the new enemy of the Russians

01.52 Russia jails for up to 15 years for “fake news” about the war

Spreading “false news” about Russian military intervention in Ukraine is punishable by up to 15 years in prison: the head of the Duma Commission for Defense and Struggle has spoken out about corruption in the microphones of the Channel One TV channel. , Vasily Biskarev, called the measure “reasonable.” “We will protect our armed forces,” he added

01.45 Anti-aircraft alarm in Kiev

“Anti-aircraft sirens in Kiev”. Residents are advised to stay at nearby shelters. like this Kiev Freedom On Twitter a while ago.

01.05 Kharkiv Mayor: “Nine civilians were injured, including three children”

A Russian missile strike in Kharkiv has killed at least nine civilians, including three children. This was stated by the city mayor Ihor Terekov. “This is not just war, this is the massacre of Ukrainians,” he said in his telegram account, adding that four people had come out of the shelter to fetch water and that a family with two adults and three children had been burned. Live in his car. Another 37 people were injured.

00.34 EU: We call for the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops

We are closely coordinating the international response to the invasion of Ukraine (US President Joe Biden, et al. We continue to stand by Ukraine with immediate and effective support. We urge Russia to withdraw its troops immediately “: Ursula van der Leyen, chairman of the Commission, tweeted this evening.

00.20 Facebook controls the Russian state media

Following Twitter, Facebook also announced a crackdown on its presence on its media sites linked to the Russian government, which has been accused of misrepresenting the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Meta (Fb, but Instagram, the company that controls Whatsapp and Messenger) explained that it would restrict access to Russia Today (Rt) and Sputnik, which are considered the Kremlin’s campaign megaphone and sites justifying the war against. Kiev a few hours ago Twitter decided to report five conflicts with the media affiliated with the Russian government.

00.18 Zhelensky to the Russians: “Do not waste time”

Zhelensky urged Russia not to “waste time” in Ukraine, warning that the bombing would not convince Kiev to accept Moscow’s conditions for a ceasefire. The first round of talks – in a video posted on social media – Zelensky said – “took place in the wake of bombings and shootings targeting our territory. I think Russia is trying in this simple way to put pressure”. Then he added: “Do not waste your time”.

The missile struck a military base in Brovari, Ukraine

00.13 China at the UN: “Promoting Dialogue”

“China supports talks and direct negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. The international community should promote favorable external conditions for negotiations and a political settlement and avoid escalating tensions. Any action by the Security Council should play a constructive role.” China’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Chang Jun has expressed this position.

00.10 Already half a million refugees

There are currently 520,000 refugees from Ukraine in neighboring countries and the number is growing “exponentially, hour by hour”. UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Filippo Grande told the United Nations Security Council.

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