Ukraine – Russia, Today’s news of the war. Zhelensky: “Tough talks, but they continue”

Threats, obstacles, ground clashes. Ukraine faces a new night’s war in anticipation of possible international news, says President Zhelensky: “Tough talks, but we continue.” U.S. security sources have warned that the Russians have entered Mariupol, where the “Ukrainian leader” is “trapped by 100 thousand people.” According to Zhelensky, the Russians captured the rescuers of a humanitarian convoy, 11 buses assigned to fleeing civilians: ship drivers and emergency services personnel. In view of tomorrow’s summits (G7, NATO and EU Council), there was a phone call between Prime Minister Draghi and French President Macron. After all, the weight of the covert threat launched by a spokesman for the Kremlin Pesco: “We will use nuclear weapons Only if our existence is threatened.

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The Minute by Minute Tuesday, March 22nd

07:22 Ukrainian media reports that two children were killed in a Russian attack

Two children were killed in an attack by Russian forces on Rubisnay in eastern Ukraine. Kiev Independent reports quoting Sergei Kaita, governor of the Luhansk region. According to the governor, three people, including two children, were killed when a bullet struck an apartment on the fifth floor of a building.

07:20 The United States and Russia are not responsible nuclear powers

The BBC reports that this is not the Pentagon’s response to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Pesco’s claims that Russia will use nuclear weapons if it sees it as a “threat to its very existence”.

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07:16 Moscow and Kiev prisoners can be exchanged

Ukraine has shown a willingness to “not be seen for some time” to exchange prisoners with Russia. This was stated by Russian Human Rights Commissioner Dayana Moskalkova during an inquiry in Duma.

05:50 Zelensky accuses Russian pilots of committing crimes against civilians

In his Facebook address, Ukrainian President Zhelensky said that Russian pilots should be held accountable for killing civilians. “I would like to say this once again to all Russian pilots that they do not think about the orders they carry out because killing civilians is a crime.”

05:00 Zelensky: 100,000 people trapped in Mariupol

Nearly 100,000 people are trapped in the ruins of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol under relentless Russian bombing. This was stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky. Tens of thousands of residents have already fled the besieged southern port city, bearing horrific evidence of being in “frozen hellish landscape with corpses and destroyed buildings,” Human Rights Watch said. Zhelensky renewed his call for Russia to allow safe humanitarian corridors, and the civilians face “inhumane conditions” of total siege: no food, no water, no medicine. “More than 7,000 people have left the city in the last 24 hours,” he said.

04:00 Peskov: Tests in American Biological Laboratories

In the battle over allegations of possible use of chemical and biological weapons, the Kremlin spokesman Peskov struck a blow. Moscow has “solid evidence” to show that the United States is developing military biological programs in laboratories in countries bordering Russia.

03:20 Intelligence GB: Protests in occupied cities, risk of repression

According to a recent intelligence update from the British Ministry of Defense, Ukrainian citizens in Russian-occupied cities continue to protest against Russian control. “Russia’s attempts to repress the people by manipulating the media, spreading propaganda and directing pro – Kremlin puppets have so far failed,” the source said. Then warning:. “Russia will respond to these failures by increasingly resorting to violence and coercion in an attempt to repress the Ukrainian people.”

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In Kherson, people returned to protest in the streets and the Russians fired tear gas and dispersed them

03:00 Zhelensky: “Private prisoner of our Moscow”

In a telegram, Zhelensky further described the abduction of rescue workers in Mariupol: “Government emergency service personnel and bus drivers were captured by Russian forces”: “We are doing everything we can to liberate our people. Movement of humanitarian loads”. Note on the capture of Moscow by a humanitarian convoy of 11 buses heading towards Mariupol to rescue Ukrainians fleeing the city. “Despite all the difficulties, we have saved 7,026 people from Mariupol. We will continue this important mission tomorrow,” Zhelensky added.

02:30 CNN shows the missiles launched from the Crimea

A video released by the Telegram and geolocated by CNN shows a ship launching missiles from a ship off the coast of Crimea west of the city of Sevastopol towards Ukraine. “It is clear that there is a ship in the distance,” says a male voice in Russian. “He shoots something, but you can’t see where,” he repeats.

02:00 Pentagon: Russia’s power below 90%

For the first time since the occupation of Ukraine, Russia’s fighting power has fallen below 90%. A U.S. defense official said Moscow had suffered heavy casualties from “ammunition and men.” “They have invested a lot in this war and there are still a lot of resources – the official said – but every day we see them losing planes, tanks, artillery, helicopters, jets.

01:45 Zhelensky: The Russians capture the rescuers in Mariupol

In a night’s speech, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Russian forces had not only stopped a humanitarian vehicle trying to transport supplies to the besieged city of Mariupol, but also captured some rescue workers and bus drivers. “We are trying to organize permanent humanitarian corridors for Mariupol residents, but all our efforts are, unfortunately, thwarted by the Russian occupiers, bombing or deliberate terrorism,” Zhelensky said in a night video speech to the nation. Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vareshchuk said the Russians had abducted 11 bus drivers and four rescue workers with their vehicles.

01:35 Nyt, Biden bans hundreds of Duma members tomorrow

US President Joe Biden is set to impose new sanctions on hundreds of members of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament. The New York Times reveals it. New measures against Moscow are scheduled for tomorrow, when the US President is in Brussels to attend the NATO summit, meeting with the G7 and the leaders of the European Council in Ukraine.

01:29 US sources: “Russians like Mario, but the city opposes”

Russian forces, including Donbass separatists, have entered Mariupol. This was reported by an American defense source, which underlined that “the Ukrainians are fighting very hard to keep the city from falling into the hands of Moscow.” The same sources refer to the operation of the Russian navy in the Black Sea, but this does not mean that the attack by waterfall against Odessa was immediate.

Mariupol’s latest satellite imagery (Reuters)

00:44 Zelensky: “Tough talks, but we continue”

We continue to work at various levels to ensure that Russia is committed to ending this brutal war. We continue our difficult negotiations. This is challenging. Sometimes it is slanderous, “said President Volodymyr Zelensky, who provides updates on the talks between Kiev and Moscow on the government’s Fb page. They convince us to look at the reality of war operations and to understand the truth, that the world will not stop our truth. We will fight to the end with courage and openness. “

00:27 Sullivan: EU action for autonomy from Russia

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said President Biden should take joint action with Europe on energy security to reduce Russia’s dependence on oil and gas. Biden is expected to hold a series of meetings in Europe with NATO allies, G7 and EU leaders.

00:22 Blind propaganda against the Russian campaign

US Secretary of State Blinken has launched a campaign against Moscow’s misinformation: #StopTheLies, is news. #StopTheLies “. #StopTheLies”. Below Blinken’s post on Twitter is a two-and-a-half-minute video entitled ‘The Truth About Putin’s War’, in which four young Ukrainians – Darya, Guerrero, Pochena and Victor – call out the drama of the war in English. Everyone should share the message of “Stop Lying”. And help Ukraine.

00:17 The flood of Ponsky’s mission to Ukraine

Banksy is a high quality street artist from Bristol The field landed in favor of Ukraine He is auctioning off one of his works with the intention of funding the largest children’s hospital in Kiev., the online auction house that started the auction at 20,000, has now announced that it will only accept bids over 40 40,000. Doubling the interest of many in the purchase of Banksy’s pacifist work under the title “CND Soldiers” created in 2005. On one wall are two soldiers depicting the symbol of peace and nuclear disarmament.

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