Ukraine, Russian media: Deputy Commander of the Azov Battalion “Kalina” surrenders

Some pro-government profiles in the Telegram gave the news of the surrender, reporting Dmitry’s words sent to the front page.


, But indicates a lack of official confirmation. According to the Telegram channel Readovka,


It will be in the center

Prevention Prevention



There he will be arrested by Russian authorities.

“Kalina” Video: “We Are Still Here” –

Denial by the media in Kiev on Thursday evening. Today (May 19) is the 85th day of the war.

Kiev civil servants: Troops continue to withdraw from Azovstal –

Meanwhile, operations are underway to expel Ukrainian troops from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. This was stated by Oleksi Kromov, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. “In the direction of Mariupol, the intensity of the wars has been reduced. Steps are being taken to expel our heroes,” Kromov said. Asked if the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Azovstal into Russian-controlled territory would endanger their lives, Kromov said Ukraine hoped Russia’s words would be preserved. “We know our enemy is insidious, but we hope their word will be respected,” he said.

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