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Russian air force lands in Kharkiv. This was announced by the Ukrainian army One of the city hospitals was attacked By paramedics. “Air forces landed at night in Kharkiv and attacked a local hospital,” the Kiev army explained. “At this time – the note continues – there are clashes between the invaders and the Ukrainians”.

Stop the second round of talks today Ukraine.

Russian armed forces attack the Kiev television tower. At least 5 people were killed in the Russian attack. Ukrainian officials said. A few hours ago, the Russian military called on all citizens of the Kiev region living near telecommunication towers to leave their homes. The Ukrainian embassy in Holy See also reported that “Russian troops are preparing for an airstrike on St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Kiev, a UNESCO heritage site, according to intelligence.”

“To the world:” For 80 years, when the bomb went off where Babin was, what if the world was quiet? On Twitter, Ukrainian President Zheleski announced that Russia would launch an attack on a monument near the Bobby Yar memorial, which commemorates the extermination of 30,000 Jews by the Nazis during World War II.

Zelensky then asked Joe Biden to deliver a “strong and effective” message In the Union State Speech delivered this evening on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In an exclusive interview with CNN and Reuters, the Ukrainian leader, a former actor, said: “This is a very serious situation. We are not in a movie.”. “I am not an iconic figure, Ukraine,” he stressed, “the world can not miss something so special.”

A maternity ward near the capital ends in cross-chairs and a center as the Russian convoy of more than 60 kilometers of armored vehicles march through Kiev. Kharkiv The regional government building was attacked by Russian rockets and at least 10 people were killed, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky accused Russia of “war crimes” and appealed to Europe A dramatic video intervention At the extraordinary closing of the European Parliament. “I want to ask you if Ukraine’s choice for Europe is encouraging. We want to be equal members of the EU. We want to show everyone who we are,” the Ukrainian president said. “You have to prove it.” Are with Ukraine “.

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According to CNN The White House has ruled that Ukraine is a no-fly zone Because the US military must be used to implement it.

Ukraine claimed the right Destruction of the elite group of Chechen militants who plotted to assassinate President Volodymyr Zhelensky. Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the National Security and Security Council of Ukraine, said in a televised speech today that “the faction that came to assassinate our president has been eliminated”, according to the British newspaper The Daily Mail Online.

Das declares that if Moscow’s goal is to continue to “militarize” and de-nacify Ukraine, it will defend Russia from the “military threat” of the West and then continue the offensive until all intentions are achieved. The second round of talks today on the border with Belarus On the shores of Pripyat. Even if the Kremlin makes it clear that their assessment is too soon. The attack on Kariv makes President Zhelensky call it an act of “terrorist state” that no one will ever forgive or forget.

“We know a price will be paid, but the tragedy we experience is enormous,” he added. He accused Putin of talking about military targets but constantly killing children. EU Council President Charles Michel represents that the EU should rise to the occasion: expansion is a difficult issue because of differing views, but Kiev’s question is justified. And Ursula von der Leyen speaks of a ‘moment of truth’ for Europe because there is a conflict going on between democracy and authoritarianism. On the ground, however, came a new alarm from a tweet from the Ukrainian parliament, in which Belarusian military units crossed the border into Chernihiv. Belarus, the Daily Beast writes, was already used as a base by the Russians, but if the news is confirmed, it means that the country has become the third direct participant in the war.

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Meanwhile, in a video message to the Geneva Disarmament Conference, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov accused Kiev of plotting to develop its own nuclear weapons, threatening international security. According to Lavrov, who was ignored by delegates, “some European countries cannot accept US supply of nuclear weapons to Russia. It is time to send them home.” Europe today imposes unprecedented sanctions in the face of sanctions, explains Internal Trade Commissioner Thierry Breton, “the ban on Russia Today and the ban on Sputnik in all media in the EU market”; British Prime Minister Johnson has promised that the West will be ready to intensify them “as needed”. UN London is also speculating about Russia’s ‘exit’ from the Security Council.

In ItalyAccording to an estimate 800-900,000 refugees are expected, Its information for rooms Chairman of the Board Mario Tracy Reaffirms the country’s solidarity with Ukraine, attacks Putin’s ‘renewal plan’ and the nuclear threat, and emphasizes the need for a quick, firm and united response. Because before the occupation that took us over 80 years, Italy did not want to go the other way.

The prime minister also explained that the answer was given in Kiev because the democratically elected government should oppose the invasion. Now we must move quickly on the path of European public security on par with NATO. Tragi explains that the government is working to mitigate the impact of energy supply problems. There are currently no signs of a gas cut. Italy imports 95% of the gas it uses and 40% comes from Russia. In the short term, even a complete interruption should not be a problem. There are still 2.5 billion cubic meters of gas stored. But we need to move forward with diversification, renewability, resilience and doubling of the TAP pipeline. Gas storage requires a common EU approach.

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Ukraine is ready to strengthen ties with China And “We look forward to mediation from the Chinese side to bring about a ceasefire”. In a statement issued by Pesino, Chinese Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said this over a telephone conversation with Chinese Prime Minister Wang Yi. Guleba introduced the first round of talks on the Ukrainian-Russian negotiations, saying “ending the war is the Ukrainian side’s top priority” and that “a solution is open to negotiation” with “positive and honesty”. Despite the setbacks, the Ukrainian side is “calm and ready to continue negotiations”.

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