Ukraine, the Russians declared a ceasefire, but as it broke, the evacuation to Mariupol was postponed. Lavrov, Zhelensky Russia-born – wants world war

Zhelensky regrets that NATO did not intervene, which means he does not want to resolve the conflict with diplomacy. Is trying to provoke a confrontation with Russia with the participation of NATO, “said the Russian Foreign Minister. Sergei Lavrov. “He has a military mania.” In the humanitarian corridors in Mariupol and Volnovoka he adds: “No one came”

The Russian Defense Ministry has declared a ceasefire to open humanitarian corridors. Interfax writes it. “Today, March 5, at 12 noon Moscow time, a ceasefire has been declared and humanitarian corridors have been opened for civilians to leave Mariupol and Volnovoka,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The Ukrainian city of Mariupol will begin evacuating civilians at 9 GMT. The mayor made the announcement after Russia announced a ceasefire in the port city to allow humanitarian corridors. Municipal officials have also indicated that GMT 14 is planned to be evacuated, Sky News reported.

Mariupol municipal officials say The Russians did not observe a ceasefire Announced by Moscow on the agreed route. The Guardian quoted the international media as saying. “We are in talks with the Russian side to ensure a full ceasefire along the way,” he said in a statement.

Evacuation of civilians from the Ukrainian city of Mariupol postponed due to several ceasefire violations Russia announced. Municipal officials said. The evacuation, which was supposed to have started this morning, was “postponed for security reasons” because Russian forces were “continuing to bomb Mariupol and its environs,” he wrote in a municipal telegram.

The state of the Russian economy at this time is extraordinary and requires extraordinary measures. The Kremlin underscores this, the DOS report. In the context of the current geopolitical situation, Moscow and Washington have opened up some conversation channels: Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, quoted by the DOS agency. “We have opened some dialogue channels with the United States,” Peskov told a conference on the relationship between the two countries. Two days ago, a US defense official announced that he was opening a direct Red Fort with the Russian Defense Ministry, “with the aim of preventing miscalculations, military accidents and escalation,” a Pentagon official said.

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Meanwhile, the Russian march on Ukraine continues over the weekend, which will see third-round talks with Moscow and peace demonstrations in several cities.

Five people, including three children, were killed when sirens sounded near Kiev yesterday. Around the strategic port of Mariupol, under siege, the mayor condemns “ruthless” attacks. But the worry in these hours is above all else” Go to the second nuclear power plant after Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, Zaporizhia., Workers have been working under armed threat since yesterday. Fortunately no nuclear reactors were affected.

Later in the day, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield suggested that there should be another nuclear power plant in view of the Russians. On a frightening night in Odessa, the Russians tightened their grip on Mariupol. Russian forces are 32 kilometers from Ukraine’s second-largest nuclear power plant.

Kiev claims to have destroyed at least 39 Russian planes and 40 Russian helicopters since the invasion began; Moscow already has 92% of its forces stationed in Ukraine, but the Pentagon says Kiev can resist.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has blamed the West for the deaths, including several children, and called for the creation of a NATO no – fly zone. At the instigation of Moscow, he refuses to flee to Poland by being filmed at his offices in Kiev. His adviser, Mikhail Podoliak, said talks with Moscow were “not easy, but will be.”

Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Sky News Arabia that “activity” was defining the invasion of Moscow, not “dividing Ukraine” but making it part of “disarmament and neo-Nazi ideology.” Rivers of refugees flow towards the borders The UN, which will convene on Monday. The new meeting of the Security Council will decide how to guarantee the humanitarian corridors.

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In Moscow, Putin is obscuring social media and media outlets, many of whom are leaving Russia. Various sports federations, including gymnastics and boxing, have banned Russian and Belarusian athletes, spreading the crisis to Georgia, Moldova and Bosnia. Western nations are imposing sanctions on the assets of oligarchy.

At NATO headquarters in Brussels, the coalition’s foreign ministers are adamant that they will not enter the conflict, but pose risks to Bosnia, Moldova and Georgia. During an exercise with the German and Romanian air forces, new weapons arrived in Ukraine from the United States and US B52s flew over NATO’s eastern border. U.S. bombers from the United Kingdom flew over Romania, far from Ukraine.

CNN showed a video of the alarm spreading from the public alarm system near the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant during the attack between Thursday and Friday night: “Stop shooting. You are endangering the country. Global security.”

Zhelensky: “I’m not running, I’m here.” “Every two days they say I escaped from Ukraine, from Kiev. But I’m here, you see, in my place.” Thus in a video posted on Instagram by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, the head of the Russian Duma Vyacheslav Volodin denied the earlier announcement, according to which Zhelensky fled to Poland. “No one has escaped anywhere, we are working,” the Ukrainian president was quoted as saying by Interfax, with whom President Andrei Yermak heads the cabinet.

Meanwhile, Moscow’s grip on the media is tightening, and in the face of blocking access to social media and information sites, restricting access to information sites, announcing blocking of Facebook and Twitter, various Western media outlets are leaving Moscow. These include Bloomberg, ABC and CBS. The BBC withdraws its journalists from Russia and reopens shortwave broadcasts as it did in the days of Radio London.

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